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The Three Second Test for a Successful Website

Websites Deliver Business
Most of us know how to dress nicely and speak clearly, right? The crazy thing is business owners spend thousands on driving and directing people to their websites only to have them arrive at a website that comes up short. Visitors are greeted by your online "salesperson" and its almost like your website has a five o'clock shadow, speaks in tongues, is difficult to understand, did nothing about wearing a pressed suit and doesn't ask for the sale.

Sales Basics 101 The Three Second Test
Most sales training institutes will tell you that you have three seconds to capture the interest of your customers. In that time, they make a decision about who you are, how credible your product or service is and, ultimately, whether or not they will buy from you. Your website is no different. Your homepage should tell your customers what you do within that three seconds, and it should tell them at a glance. You need to quickly and simply tell your customers what you do in order to get them to stick to your website and move towards making an enquiry or a sale. Let me share some quick pointers on creating stick-ability.

The Glance Test
Remember, this may be the first time a customer has come to your website, now is your chance to grab their attention. Your website must make it ABSOLUTELY clear what you do at a glance. Use images that show what you do and make it clear where they can find the sections they want. If they have to guess your web site won't work.

Create a Compelling Headline
The next part of our three second test is whether users can find information quickly. I don't know about you but I want information now and as fast as possible. When visitors arrive at the home page, your goal is to display information that is relevant to them and in the form of a headline which can be found easily and quickly. Do this and your home page will convert loads of visitors into enquiries.

How Much Text is Good Text?
Less is always more when it comes to text first impressions. Reduce your text to the absolute minimum necessary and stick to the point! (when was the last time you read through a three page sales pitch?) A simple statement about your products or services and who your customers are is all that you need on the homepage. Using strong

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