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Tea websites or loan websites it doesn't matter - any type of website can benefit from paid SEO

A Search Engine Optimization firm can be an invaluable asset in your Internet marketing campaign. They specialize in knowing how to highten your search engine positions, monitoring those positions on the regular basis, and adjusting their strategies to account for unwanted results in any given month. Since this takes a lot of effort, time, and specialized knowledge, it can be in your best interest to go to an outside source rather than try to maintain high search engine positions on your own.

However, like every business, there are good companies and there are lemons. Knowing the right questions to ask and the criteria to look for will help you in choosing an affordable, effective search engine optimization company.

When looking at different companies, begin by considering the approach they employ to raise your search engine positions. Steer clear of companies that use cloaked, doorway, or bridge pages to raise your positions. These techniques violate most search engine policy, and in the worst case scenario, will only get your website severely penalized, if not removed entirely from a search engine's index.

No matter what kind of website you run it is vital that you are not of the opinion that only certain topics would benefit from paid optimization. A website about Tea might benefit just as much as one about marketing or even loans.Why would tea being the subject matter? Well quite simply paid optimization could benefit any subject.

Another important element is to get a guarantee that the company you hire will not work with your competitors while they are working for you. Obviously, this would seriously compromise the effectiveness of the search engine optimization campaign. Be aware that some companies will use the success they achieve for your website to sell their services to your competitors. So get your guarantee in writing, and make sure it is legally binding.

Of course, one of the most important factors you want to check out is the company's track record of results. However, don't take the company's word for it. They will undoubtedly be slanting their results in order to sell their services to you. To go beyond their simple statement of success, ask them a few pertinent questions, and verify their answers.

Also, find out what keywords and phrases they are claiming great results with. It's easy to get high rankings with unpopular words. For instance, the keyword "cat leashes" will get high popularity ranking because no one else would think of using it. What you are looking for is good results using popular keywords. Check out the software Wordtracker, available at www.wordtracker.com. You can order a free trial, or a subscription ranging from 1 day to 1 year. This software rates the popularity of keywords and phrases based on actual search engine use.

Next, look for good results over an entire site that the company claims to have successfully worked for. You want to see a wide range of positions over a number of different search engines using different keywords or phrases for the entire site. Request a report for any client the company claims to have done well for. This report should show good positions on a number of the most popular search engines for a variety of different, popular keywords and phrases.

When you are checking out search engine optimization companies, make sure they have actually done the work they are claiming to have done. Some companies will use other company's results in order to get you to sign on with them. If you are in doubt, call the company they are showing you results for, and ask for the name of their search engine optimization company.

It's important to keep in mind that a successful search engine optimization campaign will result in maximum exposure across a wide range of popular search engines using a variety of keywords and phrases. This is the formula for a successful campaign, and you should keep it always in the forefront of your marketing strategy.

Ask the search engine optimization company you are considering for a report that shows you rankings across a number of popular search engines for a period of at least six months. Remember: search engine marketing is a process that is continual, and you need a company that not only understands this, but keeps constant tabs on your search engine positions. That company must also be able to adjust its strategy in the event that search engine rankings drop.

Since search engine marketing is an on-going process, your positions must be constantly monitored. If you want your search engine optimization company to do this for you, request a sample of a monthly report. It is essential that this report should show rankings for the most popular search engines. Don't be impressed by a report that only shows great results for a limited number of small search engines. These are fairly easy results to acquire. Also confirm that the popular search engine results they are showing you are indeed the popular search engines currently.

Be sure the sample report the company shows you is in a format that you can easily understand. For example, it could be in the form of a chart that covers a period of at least six months and presents data such as the top 50 positions broken down on a monthly basis or the top 5 pages each month. Then, ascertain that the company you are considering actually monitors these positions or pages every month, and that the sample report they show you includes findings and recommendations for the specific site. This insures that the company will actively monitor and make adjustments to their strategy on a continual basis rather than simply gather statistics on your positions. You need a company that is actively participant in your search engine marketing campaign, not just an information gatherer.

Obviously, your finances have to figure into your choice of company, but bear in mind that a search engine optimization company is crucial the success of your marketing campaign. It is not just a casual accessory. If you cannot afford a company that will do a thorough and reliable job for your website, you might consider waiting until you do have the finances in place.

If you have to find a company and can't wait for your finances to catch up, you may be able to find an affordable company that will also be able to supply quality, reliable work, such as a fairly new company. Just remember that there are risks involved with using a company without a proven track record - and that risk is your money! Don't take that leap unless the company can supply you with a least a few references.

References are the most reliable indicator of a good company. Don't use a company that won't show your references because of any reason, confidentiality included. Remember - even doctors will provide references! The firm you choose should provide you with a minimum of two references, one that is from the past, and one that is current.

When you contact these references, be prepared to ask precise, specific questions so that neither of your time is wasted. Ask them what their experience was like with the company, such as their availability to answer questions and deal with problems and their ability to meet deadlines. Ask the reference to rate the overall performance of the company.

The most essential question to ask is whether the work of the search engine optimization company resulted in higher profits for the reference. Without profits, it doesn't matter whether your positions are at the top of the list or not.

Well now you are armed with the relevant facts take the bull by the horns and your website about Tea, marketing or absolutely any kind of subject could end up with a totally new lease of life and your stats counter could start to rise like a thermometer in a heatwave.

The Best Homeowner Loans Can Be Found With The Specialist Website

Some of the best homeowner loans can be found online by a specialist website. They are able to make a comparison for the cheapest quotes on your behalf before then presenting them to you so that you can choose between them.

A homeowner loan is a type of secured loan which relies on the fact that you are going to be putting up your home as security against the money that you borrow. The amount of money which you are able to borrow is based for one thing on the amount of equity that you have in your home. With a secured loan, you can usually borrow a larger amount and repay the loan back over a longer period of time than you could with an unsecured (personal) loan.

A homeowner loan can be taken out for anything and can even be used to consolidate any existing debts so you have only one monthly repayment to make. If you get the cheapest rates of interest possible then this can save you a lot of money in the long run. However, whatever your reason for taking out a homeowner loan you do have to consider if it is worth risking your home, throughout the course of the loan you are at risk of having it repossessed if you should default on the repayments.

While you will want to keep the cost of the monthly repayments down on the loan do bear in mind that the longer you spread the cost of the loan over, while the monthly loan repayments will be cheaper, in the long run the more interest will be added onto the total cost.

It is essential that you do shop around for your homeowner loan and the easiest way to shop is to go to a specialist website and let them do the searching on your behalf. A specialist homeowner loan website will know where to look for the cheapest rates of interest and the best secured loans. They will be able to give you quotes from the bulk of the market place which means that it is unlikely that you will get a better deal or cheaper loan anywhere else. Taking a deal online is always cheaper than going with the high street lender as you can sometimes access online only discounts. Searching yourself would take a long time and even then you cannot be sure you have secured the cheapest loan possible.

Along with providing you quotes for the loan, a specialist broker also has the advantage when it comes to getting the vital information and advice on the key facts and small print of loans. The small print and key facts are where you can find any additional costs which could be included in the loan along with fees such as early repayments fees if you find you can repay the loan quickly. All of the best homeowner loans should come with the key facts attached so that you can compare them along with comparing the rates of interest, never be tempted to take out a loan without first reading the essential documents that come with it, by doing so you could make a very costly mistake.

SEO - Use Digg To Make Your Website An Overnight Success

Internet marketers are going crazy over this new social network called Digg and for good reason too. Using Digg correctly can send tens of thousands to your website virtually overnight.

This is how Digg works: People register with the site, and thus join the Digg community. These registered users then submit newsworthy or rather

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Taking Care to Website Hosting

Now a day

Streaming video for your website

When considering streaming video for your website, you need to look at all the different ways in which a person can benefit from either viewing or offering streaming video. This is a very popular method of being able to view information and videos on the internet, and there are many reasons for this. While some people offer the ability to download certain materials and video clips from their website, other people are able to offer streaming video from their website in order to help capture the attention of the individuals that are interested in viewing it. First of all, an individual can take up less memory on their website by offering streaming videos.

Offering individuals to download your videos from your website may cause the site to run slower if many people are downloading all at once. When a site or a video is especially popular, this is a good thing when it comes to the video, but it could be a negative thing when it comes to the website from which the video is available. However, this is not the only way in which an individual is able to benefit and proper from being able to offer streaming video from their website to the viewers of the website. More benefits are in store for these individuals, as well as for the individuals that are able to utilize the website for their viewing pleasure.

Streaming video takes up less time when it comes to playing the material in most instances, so many people prefer it to downloading the material. Streaming video for your website can be played almost immediately, much like an individual can turn on their television and see the channels immediately. There are some times in which an individual will need to wait very momentarily in order to watch the video simply because the media player and the host server need to establish a connection, and then the video needs to be buffered, but then it can be played quite easily. Meanwhile, the process of downloading a video can take a longer amount of time since the individual will not be able to play the video at all until it is completely downloaded and the individual has located the file on their computer. Depending on a person

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You've heard of the armchair traveler? Rare is the person who loves travel and can make it a full time occupation. Although there are such lucky individuals, most of us must be satisfied with the yearly vacation. However, you can be a savvy armchair traveler who waits patiently, using the time between now and vacation time to learn all about your chosen destination. When you finally book your ticket, you've assembled an in-depth wealth of knowledge that makes your trip much more satisfying and memorable.

Travel websites are treasure chests of cultural insight and practical information - the starting point for your journey. There are millions of travel websites with various perspectives. Some are geared to an audience of travelers who prefer convenient all-inclusive packages, while others focus on particular regions of the world. Still others cater to history buffs or foodies. One thing that can be said of travel websites in general is that there is indeed something for every taste and style of traveler. Your job is to search out those which specialize in the aspects of travel that excite you.

Remember, the informed traveler garners fuller memories, that keep for a lifetime. Make a point of looking into what you can learn about the culture, cuisine, history and language of your destination. There are other practical issues, such as local customs, points of etiquette and transportation that are also worth your investigation. As for sightseeing, look beyond the famous sights - find out about those lesser known but truly fabulous sights the locals frequent. Travel forums and message boards are good resources.

Most travel websites offer free newsletters that show up in your email on a regular basis. Some travel websites are destination-specific, so look for these as well. A typical newsletter keeps you abreast of the latest ticket bargains, travel tips, must-see sights and links to travel resources and freebies you'd probably have trouble digging up on your own. You'll find feature articles on a variety of topics, such as accounts of unusual adventures of fellow travelers, travel guide reviews and tips on packing to sail smoothly through customs. Travel newsletters provide loads of interesting material to enhance your trip experience.

So get comfy in your armchair, get online and begin your virtual trip. When the big day comes, you'll be ready to fully enjoy each day, with a knockout itinerary. Armchair travel is a delightful hobby for the real traveler, just waiting for departure!

Seven Ways to Generate Income From Your Website

If you own your own website, there are a variety of things you can do to generate extra income for yourself. To enjoy the most success for your efforts, you must take into consideration your existing website content, as well as your particular target audience. You will also want to know the approximate number of visitors you regularly receive to your website.

Once you have this information, you can implement any of the following:

1. Include Google Adsense on your web pages. Google delivers text and image ads that are targeted to your site and its content. When people click on an ad, you will receive a portion of the amount paid to Google by the advertiser. On average, you can expect to receive anywhere between 2 cents to a dollar per click, depending on the keyword.

2. Make money selling other people's products and services through affiliate programs. Each program you register for should provide you with an affiliate link to track your referrals. Depending on the program, you will normally be paid on a per sale basis or for each sign-up you generate.

3. Sell advertising space on your web site. You could sell banner and/or classified ads. If you want to make additional money, sell sponsor ads and place them is a special section or towards the top of your website for the most exposure.

4. If you have enough web space available on your server, you could rent web pages to other people. You could also give the web pages away for free, but include your banner or advertisement on them to generate income for yourself.

5. Charge people a fee to access a dedicated part of your website. People will pay you money for your website content if it's valuable to them. The content can be ebooks, reports, software, etc.

6. Sell your own products or services. Of course, they should be related to your target audience. You will also want the ability to securely accept credit card payments directly from your website. Other forms of payment such as PayPal, ClickBank, etc. is also preferred. Delivery of your product should be as fast as possible.

7. Publish an e-zine from your website. Have people subscribe to the e-zine right from your web site. In addition to direct sales of products or services you are promoting, you could sell classified or sponsor advertising inside your e-zine.

Each of these ideas will generate income, but if you are a new website owner, I recommend starting with Google Adsense. These ads continue to grow in popularity and are easy to customize and install on your web pages

The best way to market your website

You buy a domain name, get your website up and running.So what now? Well you could just sit back and do nothing. Or you could start to market your website and get the word around about your new website and what you offer.So were to start and what to do and not to do when you start to market your site.

Link DirectorysWe will start by submitting your website to link directorys.Find as many free link directorys and you can not one or two but hundreds,Submit your website to all of them remember to add your keywords in the title and description of the submission info.Directorys are a great sorce of backlinks and traffic you can start by submitting your website to our very-own Directory this will get you started in your directory submissions.

ArticlesArticles are allso a great way to get your site noticed,Write a detailed article about your site and what you offer place your keywords in the article and a link to your site,Now you can submit your site to some free blogs or paid blogs,Choose blogs with high Pagerank even if you have to pay as the high Pagerank means that the blog owners have a large number of backlink to there site and thus will have good traffic,Make your articke long and dont insert to many links as most Blog owners limit the ammount of links in each submited article.

ForumsForums can bring visitors to your website,Join a few good forums place your link in your profile signiture and post in the forums,do not spam the forums as that will only get you banned. Search Eingines visit forums more than the average website and more frequently so your site will get indexed and gain link with your signiture if you use the forum correctly and follow there rules.

Link ExchangeExchange links with other websites.Relivant Links are the best links this means try to exchange links with websites simaler to yours,Use keywords in you exchange This is called anchor text(Example) if your selling A certain product on your website lets say (remote control cars) In your link exchange use that keyword but remember to change your keyword frequently when you exchange links if you keep using the same anchor text in links google will look at this as spam so change your anchor text after around ten links,then use a different keyword,You can allways go back to the same keyword in your anchor text at a later time as google will not class this as spam.

Irelivent linksSome so called seo experts will tell you not to link to irelivent websites,This is not true A link is a link at the end of the day but relivent links will have more waight in seo than irelivent links and put your site up the ranks faster,However irelivent link will not hurt your site in the slightest,We all know that they will not get you up the ranks faster but they may bring traffic to your website and traffic means sales we wont get anywere without traffic,So dont be put of if the link is not relivent to your website.

Search Engine SubmissionIf you have done all the above then there is no need to submit your new website to the top search engines like google,aol,msn.However there are thousands of other search engines that dont visit these sites on a regular basis.So how do we find these other search engines.this is were we call in some help find a good Search engine submission service website as these sites will have all the other little search engines in there database so they will submit your website for you,When i say little that dosent mean that this will not be in your best intrest as it will,All the smaller search engines will bring you a great number of traffic.To date we have over one million search engines in our datsbase and will submit your website to them all.

Dontdont,Spam your keywords in one go change frequently

dont,Spam forums

dont,Submit your website to search engines to constantly let them find you and use a good service once every six months to submit to all the ones you cant find

Dont Be scared to exchange links with irelivent websites

Follow my tips And enjoy wour website

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Should I Have A Website For My Home Business?

Having a website for your home business is a good idea no matter what business you are in for several reasons. In this day and age, with all the technology of the Internet available, a website that is professionally done can help make your home business a success. A lot of people visit the website of a business before they will even think of doing business with a company.

A lot of home business owners make a big mistake and never start a website. This can happen for a number of reasons, the most common being a lack of the necessary technical knowledge needed to build a website. But this should not stop you, as there are a lot of freelance web designers available that do the work at a very reasonable cost. If you have a home business, it is essential that you build a website so people can learn about your business and what it has to offer. A professional website for your home business speaks volumes about how professional you are.

A professional website for your home business gives you a home base of sorts, for customers to visit and interact with your company. All of the necessary contact information, as well as the description of what your company is and does, helps make your website personal yet professional. A website also helps to advertise your home business, and you can build links and backlinks to your website to allow visitors to check out your home business and see if it interests them.

Not having a website for their home business is a big mistake that many owners make, and they lose out on quite a bit of potential profit because of this fact. A website for your home business will help you to advertise and market your business. By having a website that is both professional and yet personal, your home business will bring in a lot more potential customers, which means more profits for your home business. If you do not have the required knowledge to build a website for your home business, outsource the project to a freelance web designer for a reasonable cost. The advantages of having a website for your home business will far outweigh the costs of paying someone to set up your home business website. The extra visitors and customers that a website will bring to your home business will help make it one of the success stories.


Social Networking Websites with a Particular Focus

Have you ever thought about joining an online social networking community? If you love meeting new people, there is a good chance that you have given it some thought. Despite wanting to join, there are many individuals who make the decision not to. Are you one of those individuals? If so, is it because you feel overwhelmed? There are literally an unlimited number social networking websites out there to choose from and many are full of members.

While you would assume that it is nice to join a social networking website with a large number of community members, some individuals, maybe even yourself, feel that it is too much to handle. For instance, did you know that MySpace, a popular social networking website, has over one hundred millions members? If that isn

The Real Reason Why Most Websites Fail

There are hundreds of articles on what makes a website bad. The most basic of these present detailed explanations of common sense, such as poor navigation; the most in depth talk about complicated conceptions of overall design philosophy. My approach is different and surprisingly simple: the problem with most websites stems from the misconceptions their creators have about how the graphics, content, and other individual elements contribute to a website

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Successful websites don

What are websites? Are they sales tools for vendors and service providers, or are they electronic guidance for potential customers? Put simply, are you selling or are you helping?

Your answer to this question may determine the success of your website. So think carefully

SSL Certificates Offer Website Security

What is Secure Socket Layer (SSL)? Basically, it is the standard security technology used to encrypt online data. SSL offers encrypted communication between the web server (server-side) and the customer's web browser (client-side) when transmitting personal information such as credit card number, name and address. The SSL protocol uses Certificate Authority (CA) to issue 'digital certificates' to the authenticated company.

The whole SSL process involves authenticating the server's identity, the website's identity and once the authentication is verified, the message will be sent in the form of encrypted information to the one who asked for a certificate. Usually, a browser requests a SSL certificate and in turn the web server supplies its public key with the requested certificate. Then, the browser has to verify whether the certificate issued is valid (certified by the authorized parties) and also should verify whether the SSL certificate issued comes from the particular website for which the request has been made.

An SSL certificate contains important details of the owner like his e-mail address, validity period, Distinguished Name along with the Common Name and also the certificate identification of the person who issues this information. The Certification Authority (CA) maintains an extensive list in which we can find names of the signed certificates and also more information about the revoked SSL certificates. Additionally, SSL increases the accountability and visibility of the company and creates goodwill and positive image among the customers. The certification maintains the integrity of the data passed to and fro between the browsers and web server (this is private and confidential). Thus, it

The Benefits of Signing Up With a Specialty Social Networking Website

Have you ever wanted to join a social networking website before? A large number of internet users have, but not all decide to join one. If you are like many other internet users, you may be worried about the networks that can be found online. Many of these networks, including MySpace and Yahoo! 360 have rapidly increased in popularity. This increase in popularity has led to a large number of members. In fact, some might say too many members.

One of the many reasons why Yahoo! 360 and MySpace have increased in popularity is due to the fact that they cover a wide variety of different topics, issues, and interests. MySpace and Yahoo! 360 do not focus on one particular group of individuals or one particular hobby. Instead, they invite all internet users to join. While this may be good, it gives you a wide selection of online friends to choose from, it can also be considered bad. On many of these websites a competition has brewed. That competition has been to see who can get the most friends. This may result in you not really getting an online friend, when you are supposed to be.

If you are looking to join a social networking website that is more focused on creating friendships or partnerships between internet users that have the same interests, you will want to focus on social networking websites that have a particular focus. Many times, these websites are known as specialty social networking websites. Online, you should be able to find a number of these specialty social networking websites. Many have focuses on important issues, topics, and hobbies, such as pet owners, religion, travel, and much more.

When it comes to many specialty social networking sites, many individuals want to know what sets them apart from the rest. Honestly, it is the community. As previously mentioned, specialty social networking sites tend to focus on a particular topic, issue, or hobby. This means that if you are a devoted Christian and you would like to speak to other Christians, you will want to join a Christian networking site and so on. The difference between specialty social networking sites and traditional ones is that you will automatically be paired with hundreds, if not thousands, of other internet users who share the same interests, views, or beliefs as you.

Another one of the many benefits to joining a specialty social networking website is that you are, in a way, safer than those who are members of other networks. Not all, but a large number of specialty networking sites require activation before joining the site. Before activation can occur, many internet users are required to state their reasons for wanting to the join the network or they may be required to fill out a small questionnaire, often pertaining to the social network in question. In many cases, this will help to determine whether or not an internet user really has an interest in the topic focused on by the network in question.

As previously mentioned, specialty social networking websites allow you to automatically be paired with a group of individuals who share the same beliefs, views, and interests as you do. This mean that you don

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The Benefits Of Having A Website

Every businessman or entrepreneur knows how important advertising is for a business. This method of conveying a message from a sponsor through an impersonal channel is designed to push a person to buy a product, to support a cause, to elect a candidate, to raise money for charity or to simply market goods and services.

Advertising your Product:

Advertising though does not merely rely on the product you intend to market. It also takes into consideration certain factors which may influence any marketing outcome. One such consideration is that the product should meet a perceived need from the consumers. By this, I mean a product that buyers will want to purchase and continue to purchase in the future. The price must also be right when advertising a product especially when it is relatively new in the market. It must be within the range commonly regarded as reasonable and competitive for the type and quality of the product. Most important of all factors is what type of media will be used to advertise the product. There are various ways of introducing one in the market today. The television, newspaper, magazines and radio promotions have jointly contributed to the progress of advertising. But nowadays, with the advent of the internet, entrepreneurs know that advertising now has a newer and broader arena to practice its almost magical persuasion on.

Having a Website:

Having a website is perhaps the easiest way of promoting your product. It constitutes of a collection of web pages intent on bringing information about your product, benefits gained when using the product and ultimately the persuasion that consumers should purchase the product itself. A website provides a means for accessing various sects of the population and aims to bring to their consciousness the perceived need for any merchandise. Publicly accessible websites are a great way of connecting with even the hard-to-reach consumers from all over the world. It is a way to promote your product globally without the hassle of using traditional channels such as the television and radio stations. Indeed, the internet has revolutionized advertising to ways incomparable to those that preceded it.

How to Make a Website:

A website need not be so over-the-edge or fanciful to attract consumers. A simple, informative and impressive one should do nicely to fit your needs. When creating one, you need only to focus on the consumers and put yourself in their shoes. Keep user-friendly navigation and search options in mind when making one and your visitors will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness. Try to keep your website simple and easy to navigate through. Expanding the number of your web pages should take a step-by-step process and should never be made hastily. Try to build up on the information first before expanding your website. Unnecessary animations are also a thing to steer clear from when making effective websites. These features take some time to load and may hamper the navigation of your visitors. They might become too impatient with your site and may lose interest along the way.

Advertising has indeed become easier and more accessible because of the internet. Advertising focuses on the target market even in any arena you put it on. Keep in mind though that you have to make the internet work for you and not against you. Use it well to your advantage and never forget that you are persuading consumers to purchase your product.

The dangers of comparison websites when searching for the cheapest gas and electricity.

The price of domestic gas and electricity has been a regular topic in the UK press over the last couple of weeks and for good reason. The current round of price increases that have just come into effect from many of the big utility companies have hit many people hard, not least the elderly and the lower wage earners. It is estimated that those who remained with their original supplier are now paying 20

Search Engine Optimization: Four Vital Steps For Optimizing Your Website

There is a bit of confusion about search engine optimization. Some people think that SEO (the abbreviated form) is nothing more than tricking search engines into giving a high ranking for a particular site. Others think that search engine optimization is so complex that they could not possibly understand it. Neither of these views are correct. Search engine optimization is best defined as the art and science of building web pages that are both search engine friendly and user friendly. Below are four basic steps that you should take when optimizing your web pages.

1. Your web design should emphasize text and not graphics.

Sabtu, 24 November 2007

Starting Websites with Ready-Made Web Templates

Ready-made website templates help the web designers to build their websites in an organized manner. They save a lot of time and effort by offering the desired layout in a precise way. There are different types of ready-made templates that are suitable for different types of websites.

The most common types of website templates are the CSS templates and the table-based templates. The CSS templates are the preferred choice of many because they offer flexible area for adding the contents, both text and graphics, in them. On the other hand, the table-based templates do not offer much flexibility to the addition of contents in it.

There are a lot of free templates available over the internet. They are simple and easy-to-use website templates. With the help of these website templates, you can create your own website. Yahootemplates.com provides you a good selection of free website templates that can be effectively used in creating a website of any type. The free website templates are ideal to be used by the beginners. As you progress with your website, you should opt for more professional templates that have more features added in them. The free web templates offered by websites are chosen by many webmasters and tried in a number of websites. Thus they have become popular in the internet. Thus, if you use the free templates in your website, it will look dull and unprofessional. By selecting a customized website template, you can create a unique appearance for your website and thus you can attract more viewers to it.

Business Templates include the popular category of website templates. At Yahootemplates.com, you can find a large collection of business templates that are popular among a large number of businesses.

Under the category of business templates, you will find a number of subcategories such as the B2B templates, Business Outsourcing templates, Client Services templates, etc. osCommerce templates are the most common type of templates used by the websites that offer online shopping services.

You can get a large pool of website templates that have attractive featured added in them. Most of them are fitted with Flash components. The Flash feature is very common in the modern websites. With the help of the Flash animation, the websites attract more viewers to it. Most of the websites, however, restrict the use of Flash to the home page alone. This is because of the fact that the Flash elements occupy a lot of space in the directory of the website and thus result in the slow functioning of the website. However, it should be noted that a small strip of Flash can cause a large difference in the presentation of your website's page, especially the home page.

To sum up, ready-made web templates offer great help to webmasters by providing a layout for including the website's contents in it. After selecting the templates, it is the duty of the webmasters to customise them and give it a unique appearance. Also, they can opt for customized templates that are available exclusively for their websites.

Rural Wilderness Travel Websites Are Hard To Find

Social Networking for Wilderness Areas, Parks, Monuments and Outdoors Recreation are hit or miss on the internet.

Most travel websites are focused on the large metro areas in the United States. One website has a different twist and has just launched an new feature for making rural adventure travel a little easier. It partners with small business owners in these rural areas. There are thousands of small business owners located near wilderness areas. Many of them don't have websites or are sometimes hard to find in a search engine. By adding them into a database focused on rural America, that helps travelers find their products and services.

It's unique to have posts from all the National Parks, State Parks, National Monuments and Wilderness Areas in one place, and this allows adventure travelers to plan out all their places to stay and fun things to do all in one action! No more clicking and searching all around. All selected travel partners with available products and services get notified of the travelers interest.

The Outdoor Adventure Message Board at AdventureZoneTOURS.com opens up to a listing of U.S. States separated into state travel region message boards where people can see the outdoor
areas available with map, information, stories and photos with over 4,000 posts. There are links to park maps, webcams, get directions and a search box to locate accommodations and activity providers in that region.

Travel partners are needed now, to compliment the rural reservations booking engine that has just been launched. Accommodations and Activities suppliers need only to visit and click on the link at the top that says Travel Partners. From there they can offer allotments of their products. The suppliers control dates, inventory, and prices, the system is set up to easily cut and paste existing promotional materials for display on the website. The website processes a $5.00 reservation fee by paypal for the reservation request and then the deposit, cancellation and collection of payment takes place directly between the customer and the supplier. AdventurezoneTOURS is simply the intermediary to assist the traveler and supplier in creating an incredible adventure opportunity in rural America.

The categories where suppliers are needed are:

Accommodations Suppliers
Bed & Breakfast

Activities Suppliers
Hiking Guides
Climbing Guides
Canyoneering Guides
Rafting Trips
ATV rentals and tours
Horseback Riding
Photography Guides
Winter Sports
Water Sports
Men Get Aways
Women Get Aways
Hunting Guides
Training Retreats
Theatre - Fairs - Festivals

In a recent trend, volunteering has become very popular with more people willing to offer their time or vacation in assisting the parks and outdoor organizations with clean up, rebuilding trails and other important tasks. AdventureZoneTOURS.com not only features a message board for each region of every state but under
the category Special Interests, users are invited to post messages for volunteer opportunities or find links to the volunteer opportunity just right for them.

Bob Therrien, President of TrainingPASS Sales, Inc., creator of AdventureZoneTOURS.com, outdoor writer, and constant traveler commented,

Jumat, 23 November 2007

Seo - Get Your Website On The First Page In One Week

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something of a black art, many people know about it but many people don

SEO - Don't Let Your Website Get Banned

Although Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) does fall into two distinct categories there is no ethical stance on SEO.

Several Ways You Can Do To Get Your Website Spidered Quickly

Getting your website indexed by search engines is something you should do in order to make general public know that it does exists. Search engine is the chief ingredient in generating traffic. Of course, you can use paid advertising for this purpose, but it is going to cost you. But before your website appears on search result you have to make sure that search engine spiders can find it. This article contains several ways on how to do it.

Many SEOs recommend to build back links from another site that is already indexed rather than submitting your website directly. Sometimes your site can be spidered and indexed very quickly just by submitting it to news releases.

Submitting articles to article directories also works. A few months ago I tried to only use this method. What I did was only by rewriting some Private Label articles and submitted them using iSnare article submission service. The result was it got indexed in some big search engines within days.

Posting to forum can also help. If you choose this route make sure that the forums are listed in search results because private forums are not always indexed. AssociatePrograms.com forum is the one that had helped my website found by search engine spiders.

Besides posting to forums, another old standard you can use is by submitting your website to general directories. A free program from linkdirectories.org can help you accomplish this task easily.

Next, consider to take advantages of some social bookmarking sites like blinklist as such sites get crawled by Google on a daily basis. In addition Socialize-it offers a free service that allows you to bookmark a page on multiple sites.

Does reciprocal links still work for having your site spidered and indexed? It may not have the same weight they once did but I have a site which only used this technique to get it listed with the search engines hence I know that trade links with other webmasters are still useful for this purpose. I used LinkMetro.com to find link partners. Another useful service you may consider to join is WebReUnited.com. I like this service because it only accepts webmasters who do not hide their link partners.

No matter which method you choose it is recommended to create a sitemap for Google. You can create it easily by going to www.xml-sitemaps.com. Enter in your web site address and this site will create an xml file for you. The next step you should do is to go to your Google account and add the sitemap.

Search engine visibility is very important since it leads to traffic. This is just a few of the methods and techniques that you could use. Having your website spidered quickly is one of the most important things you can do to achieve success as an internet marketer.

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Step by Step to Starting a Successful WebSite

So you have an idea and you want to create a website, but you just dont know where to start. Follow this guide to help you on your patch to running a successful website.

Brainstorm: Think of the type of site you want to create and the site name. Your site name should be catchy, easy to remember and relevant to the content of the site.
Buy the domain name and hosting. You need to buy a domain name that matches your site name (makes sense right?). this part can be frustrating as your idea for a name may already be taken. Search for alternatives or hyphenate it or go with an alternate suffix like “.org, .net, or .us”

Even though it maybe cheaper to go somewhere else for hosting, buy the hosting from the same company you bought the domain from. It’s just easier that way and tech support will be able to help you out more since they can access all aspects of your account (if you need them)

Work on the design and layout of your site. Even though content is the most important factor to the success of your site, you need to be able to lure visitors in. if you have a clean and appealing site, then visitors will stay longer on your site. Another important thing about layout is here you will decide how all your content will be organized for accessibility.

Add content. This is where you wordsmith skills come out. Write, add pictures add whatever content you can think of that is relevant to your site. Organize the information in the view of the visitor

SEO your site. Search Engine Optimization is where you configure your site to be friendly to search engine results. This will make you rank hire on certain search results. The goal should be to listed on the first page on certain searched keywords.

Test your site. Check for bugs and loop holes in your site. Look for spelling mistakes, broken links etc. you don’t want to discredit you site from the start.

Add a Trend Analyzer. By adding this feature you can see where your visitors are coming from, where they are located physically , how long they stay on your site,  and what information do they look for. This can be very useful information when you decide to sell ad space on your site and you can then proove to your advertiziers the traffic you get to your site.

Submit to Search Engines, Advertise, Link exchange, One-way links: Submit your site to be crawled by search engines. Do a search for submit site or suggest a site and submit your site to those results. This part is extremely important as you want people to find you thru the search engine.

Advertise your site to search engine results like Google. This is the quickest way to get traffic to your site. go to www.google.com/adwords to start a campaign

Link Exchange can be very tedious. Look for sites to swap links with. You can even find sites that act like middleman where you can meet other people who want to swap links. Just do a search for link exchange. Be careful of who you do link exchanges with. Avoid: porn, gambling, and racial/hate sites.

A one-way link program is where you pay a monthly fee and you get a bunch of links pointing to your site. This can be a great way to increase the popularity of your site. However, try to check the quality of the links. Some programs have been listed a “link farms” and their links will not count towards your Page Rank in Google. If you can buy a one-way link from a high PR then do it.

SEO your site. You have to tweak and configure your site so that it is optimized for search results. As you gain more traffic you will understand the type of visitors and what they are looking for. SEO it so you can rank higher on specific keywords. This is where your Trend Analyzer shines.

Continue to: Test you site for broken links, add content on a regular basis, look for methods to increase traffic for your site, get incoming links, etc.

Your site can never be finished. You have to continuously make improvements and make your visitors experience unique. Look for feedback from your visitors and add content relevant to your site.

SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid For Your Real Estate Website

Handling a real estate business online isn

The Next Generation Website Model

Narrowcast Communication-On-Demand Websites

The next generation of websites will have a vastly different way of communicating information to their visitors. Websites will evolve into true communication platforms that will take advantage of the Web's multimedia capabilities and the Internet's broadband penetration.

The new website model will have the look, feel, and sound of your very own narrow-cast communication channel complete with audio and video programming and on-site personalities that will present and guide audiences through the maze of content. But unlike television, this humanized Web-experience will allow site visitors to make their own programming choices; audiences will be able to experience the content they want, when they want and in the format of their choice: audio and video, or text and graphics.

Why Websites Will Become Multimedia Communication Channels

1. There are millions of websites on the Internet representing millions of small and medium size companies with an enormous aggregate investment, and the vast majority of these websites are underperforming in large part because they have not taken advantage of the Web's multimedia communication capability and the penetration of broadband transmission.

2. Business owners want to see better results but they are being stymied in part by their own lack of vision and unrealistic expectations, but more importantly by a conventional wisdom promoted by particular Industry interests that handicap website owners' ability to capitalize on the Web's multimedia communication capability and its democratizing economic character.

3. Up until recently, major search engine have stifled Web-based marketing communication by failing to develop appropriate measures with which to properly index Web-based multimedia presentations. With the popularity of Goggle Video, YouTube, and the advent of Goggle Video Ads, the search engines will develop the technological means to better index multimedia content.

4. Progress can only be halted in the short term. Multimedia communication technology and the Web's ability to accommodate it have outpaced the Web's gatekeepers. The limitations imposed by SEO strategists on delivering content cannot stop the demand for a more humanized Web-communication experience that provides material that is informative, meaningful, and memorable.

5. As successful as some companies maybe with their PPC (pay per click) programs, the vast majority of small and medium size businesses are not. It is impossible for every business that is prepared to pay for placement or for SEO-expertise to be number one or even on the first page in any particular search category. There are just too many companies in similar businesses, with similar objectives to all rank on the first page of search results. As a consequence businesses will begin to focus on delivering more effective content to truly interested Web-visitors who take the time to find you on the Web or who respond to your direct marketing efforts. More emphasis will be placed on how long visitors stay on a site, and what visitors learn and retain from that site rather than spending money on attracting just more random traffic.

6. With articles and books being written about the Web's natural ability to access niche markets ('The Long Tail' by Chris Anderson), businesses will soon realize that delivering meaningful content to interested audiences takes precedence over attracting volumes of uninterested traffic. High volumes of traffic may be the goal of sites that make their money by delivering traffic to advertisers, but if you have your own product or service to sell, it's about the quality of traffic not the volume.

7. Human beings are hardwired to listen, learn and retain information based on how the brain receives information. People just don't like reading information on computer screens. The linear narrative (storytelling) delivered by the sound of a human voice, enhanced by the moving image of a real person is how information is most effectively transmitted. It's about communicating the message and how best to deliver the content.

8. The broadcast advertising model is not relevant to the narrowcast nature of the Web. Even websites that attract thousands of simultaneous visitors, still speak to one visitor at a time, and each of these visitors can experience your content in the order and at the time they choose. The Web audience for your offering wants content, and your Web marketing and communication techniques need to be adjusted to deliver your message as content and not merely as advertising.

9. The Web's hyperlinked nature is a two-edged sword. As quickly as people can be directed to your site by high search engine ranking or reciprocal links, they can also leave at hyper-speed when they are frustrated by reams of text, outbound links, and distracting advertisements. People want content delivered in familiar, easily understandable, and digestible formats - audio and video.

10. Advertising as we know it is dead. Two thirds of television audiences completely ignore or disengage from television ads, and website audiences learn quickly where the ads are on a website and then avoid them. If you what to make your point, get your message across, and attract interest in what you do, you have to provide quality content that is entertaining, compiling, and above all memorable.

The Narrowcast Communication-On-Demand Website

The narrowcast communication-on-demand website model will deliver information formatted in audio and video programs. Text and static pictures will be provided for those who need to print hardcopy information for reference purposes.

This model offers businesses the ability to take advantage of the Web's full communication capabilities and the hardwired nature of people to respond to human-based presentations that enhance attraction, comprehension, and retention of information.

If you want to improve your bottom line using the Web, you have to start thinking differently. The same old marketing and sales models of the past are not going to work on the new multimedia Web. Web-audiences will demand more than a sales pitch or product specification sheet.

How to Convert a Static Website into a Multimedia Website

Traditionally websites are divided into sections that provide information on the company, the products and/or services, clients, help resources, company news and PR initiatives, and contact information.

These traditional website elements have to be reformatted into more effect program-style presentations using video interviews, expert opinion, and how to sessions, as while as audio FAQs, knowledge bases, and product or service descriptions. Testimonials, success stories and corporate histories can be turned into entertaining and compelling video documentaries that establish brand personality and build confidence.

The Web has evolved from its early days into a fully functioning multimedia communication environment. If you've followed all the rules and listened to all the conventional wisdom, and you're still not getting what you want out of your website, maybe it's time you tried a different approach.

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The creators of this website.

The creators of this website have carefully assembled in one place all the important facts that relate to the making and selling of generic brand ED pills. This website does not focus on only one aspect of the market for ED pills. It considers every angle of that market.

The creators of this website realize that pharmaceutical companies must conduct research prior to producing a product. The creators of this website know that their Generic Cialis information would not be complete without mention of the research that went into the making of that product. This website contains information on research that pertains to the making of Cialis pills.

By the same token, the creators of this website appreciate the value of other market information. Investors and stockbrokers seek that information. Suppose, for example, that a man is thinking about buying stock in a pharmaceutical company. He will want a particular type of Generic Viagra information.
Our website contains information on all types of ED pills. Our website offers information on the development, the production and selling of those ED pills. All of the information on this website reflects forces that affect the findings of a particular market analysis, an analysis of the market for generic brand ED pills.

The Basics Of Putting Video On Your Website

If you

SEO Guide to Choosing a Good Website Host

There are many factors we look at when choosing a host. There are literally thousands of providers in the World and there are many, many considerations to take into account. I like to take a systematic approach and narrow down my field of possible hosting provider candidates before I even look at prices. I write down a list of criteria that I must place on choosing an appropriate website host and these form my requirements base.

1. I look at the required target audience and their geographic location - where does you target market live? And I seek to answer the question; do I want to rank more highly in a regional index rather than an International Index? For example, let

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Search Engines and the Small Business Website

If you're doing any type of business on the internet than search engines like Google and Yahoo! could play a large role in the success or failure of your business. Even though most internet user have experience using search engines, many don't know how the engines work.

For website owners it is important to understand how, at least at a high level, search engines work so they can take advantage of the website traffic that only search engines can deliver.

Search Engines are special sites on the Web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites. There are differences in the ways various Search Engines work, but they all perform three basic tasks:

- They search the Internet or select pieces of the Internet based on important words,
- They keep an index of the words they find, and where they find them, and
- They allow users to look for words or combinations of words found in that index.

Early Search Engines held an index of a few hundred thousand pages and documents, and received maybe one or two thousand inquiries each day. Today, a top Search Engine will index hundreds of millions of pages, and respond to tens of millions of queries per day.

Before a Search Engine can tell you where a file or document is, it must be found. To find information on the hundreds of millions of Web pages that exist, a Search Engine employs special software robots, called spiders, to build lists of the words found on Web sites.

When a spider is building its lists, the process is called web crawling.

In order to build and maintain a useful list of words, a Search Engine's spiders have to look at a lot of pages. How does any spider start its travels over the Web? The usual starting points are lists of heavily used servers and very popular pages. The spider will begin with a popular site, indexing the words on its pages and following every link found within the site. In this way, the spidering system quickly begins to travel, spreading out across the most widely used portions of the Web.

To increase the likelyhood that the spiders find your website make sure you are listed on high ranked websites like Merchant Circle. You can create a free business page and blog that will not only increase your chances of being found but also be another place for potential visitors to find about about your website.

Once the spiders have completed the task of finding information on Web pages, the Search Engine must store the information in a way that makes it useful. There are two key components involved in making the gathered data accessible to users:

- The information stored with the data, and
- The method by which the information is indexed.

In the simplest case, a Search Engine could just store the word and the URL where it was found. In reality, this would make for an engine of limited use, since there would be no way of telling whether the word was used in an important or a trivial way on the page, whether the word was used once or many times or whether the page contained links to other pages containing the word. In other words, there would be no way of building the ranking list that tries to present the most useful pages at the top of the list of search results.

To make for more useful results, most Search Engines store more than just the word and URL. A Search Engine might store the number of times that the word appears on a page. The engine might assign a weight to each entry, with increasing values assigned to words as they appear near the top of the document, in sub-headings, in links, in the META tags or in the title of the page. Each commercial Search Engine has a different formula for assigning weight to the words in its index. This is one of the reasons that a search for the same word on different Search Engines will produce different lists, with the pages presented in different orders.

You can get a customized Page Critic Analysis Report from Webs 4 Small Business that tells you how YOUR webpages should be set up to make sure give the search engines what they are looking for when they review your page.

An index has a single purpose: it allows information to be found as quickly as possible. There are quite a few ways for an index to be built, but one of the most effective ways is to build a hash table. In hashing, a formula is applied to attach a numerical value to each word.

The formula is designed to evenly distribute the entries across a predetermined number of divisions. This numerical distribution is different from the distribution of words across the alphabet, and that is the key to a hash table's effectiveness.

When a person requests a search on a keyword or phrase, the Search Engine software searches the index for relevant information. The software then provides a report back to the searcher with the most relevant web pages listed first.

Not sure what keywords you should use? Picking the right, or wrong ones, can make or break your chances at online success. Consider getting a customized Key Word Report from Webs 4 Small Business that tells you which keywords you should and should not consider for your site. These keywords are specific to YOUR website not a generic list of keywords.

So, why are search engines important to business website owners? Simple. You need traffic and Search Engines have lots of it. And, their purpose is to drive traffic to sites that they think match their visitors' needs.

The way to get a portion of that traffic, is to optimize your website (you've likely heard of Search Engine Optimzaiton or SEO). That way when a someone searches for a keyword that is relevant to your website, the search engines includes a link to your website in the search results. That puts traffic and potential visitors just a click away from you website.

Starting an IT Consulting Business: The Importance of a Website

It is very important to have a website when starting an IT consulting business. It is easy to tell who is working full time at starting their IT consulting business and who

Seo And Google

If you were to come across a website that said,

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Social Networking Websites: Is It Possible to Find Love Online?

When it comes to finding a new romantic partner, things have changed. In the past relationships were largely developed through chance meetings, setups from friends, or from friendships that flourished into something more. Now, many men and women rely on the internet when it comes to finding a romantic partner. Are you are interested in becoming one of those individuals? If so, there are a few important things that you should know first.

Perhaps, the most important thing to remember is that internet dating is not deemed one hundred percent safe. Although, it is important to note that no form of dating is. The person that you meet at the local bar could be just as weird or as dangerous as someone who you meet online, but still you are advised to take a few precautionary measures. These measures may include, but should not be limited to, giving out limited personal information and agreeing to meet an online date in a public location, not at your home. By understanding the importance of these and other precautionary measures, you should have fun using the internet to find a date.

When it comes to finding an online date or romantic partner, there are many individual who flock to online dating websites. Online dating websites are websites that allow you to meet other internet users. You can not only view online pictures of these individuals, but learn more about them by reading their profiles and by making contact. Depending on the online dating website you are using, you should also be able to use other services and features, should they be offered.

Online dating websites are often referred to, well as, online dating websites. Despite the fact that they have obtained their own unique title, did you know that online dating websites are also considered social networking websites? When it comes to social networking websites, many individuals automatically think of MySpace or something similar. While these websites may not focus specifically on creating relationships, their purpose is the same. That purpose is to make it easier for internet users to connect with other internet users, especially ones that they share a common bond.

Although most online dating websites will allow you to contact any online member, you are advised to search for those that share the same interests as you. This may help to give you better luck in the love department. In addition to love, it is also possible that you could find an online friend that you have a lot in common with. This online friendship could be great, especially if the love part didn

Spring Cleaning And Website Maintenance For Your Website

Regular website maintenance is an important aspect of owning an online business. Just like a house, your website needs an annual spring cleaning. Certain website maintenance tasks should be performed throughout the year to keep content relevant. Other tasks can be done once a year.

You may be worried that website maintenance is costly, but there are many budget web design methods that can be employed to get the job done. Here is a list of budget web design tips that will help you perform the regular website maintenance that every site needs.

Budget Web Design Tip 1

Visit Competitor Sites

The contents of your site should project the image that you want to promote. For example, if you have a fun website, you should have lively colors and graphics. If you have a website that is serious in tone, the look should reflect that. When performing any type of website maintenance, you should regularly check competitor sites to see what else is out there. While you're surfing the web, be sure to take notes on what you liked, what you didn't, and why. Use these notes to develop an original site that stands out among the competition.

Budget Web Design Tip 2

Analyze Your Website

To properly perform website maintenance, you need to know what your website needs. To determine this, put yourself in your visitors' shoes. Look around. Do you see anything that's missing or can be approved upon? If so, determine how it can be changed. You may also want to consider having a trusted friend or family member look over your site. Ask them to provide an honest assessment, and then use their opinions to better the site. Specific things you may want to ask them about include the site's look and feel, the ease of navigation, and the site content itself.

Budget Web Design Tip 3

Update Your Content

Refreshing content is the top reason to perform website maintenance. Keeping your news pieces and informational content fresh is important. If your web content is stale, visitors will search elsewhere for the things they need. Studies show that sites that are updated regularly have more returning visitors and higher page views. Search engines will also give you more attention if you regularly update your pages with fresh content.

Budget Web Design Tip 4

Learn New Design Skills

Credible websites look professional. If you don't have the design know-how to perform website maintenance yourself, brush up on your skills. There are many free classes and low priced ebooks online that can teach you everything you need to know to redesign your website. There are also many different tutorials that can take you through the process step by step. If you don't have time to learn as you go, you may also want to consider hiring a reasonable priced professional who can perform website maintenance and get the job done for you.

Budget Web Design Tip 5

Track Your Results

After you have completed the website maintenance and implemented a few changes, you will want to track the results of your efforts. Check the logs on your website to determine whether or not you had an increase in visitors or sales. If there are no changes after several months, you may want to consider stepping up your efforts. Run back through the list of budget web design tips. Was there anything you missed? Was there anything that you could do better? If so, take the time to do it. Remember, profitable websites aren't started overnight. They take hard work, dedication, and continuing efforts to succeed.

Seo - Should You Seo Your Website?

Search engine optimization is not for every site. For instance if you have a site about presenting excellent English grammar or if you are selling writing skills the awkwardness of putting together paragraphs with keywords can make it look like you don

Minggu, 18 November 2007

The Basics Of Setting Up Downloadable Files On Your Website

Setting up files that are downloadable from your website is a very simple process. However, there are a couple of issues you will need to consider before choosing to do so.

File size

Since security is obviously the most important of these two issues, we will be discussing it first.

Before we get into how to secure the files on your server, I would like to say, if it is a file you intend on selling, you should seriously consider using one of the many paid file delivery services out there. The main reason for using a service like this is they can ensure the security of your file via encryption methods you can

The New Art Magazine: Artists And Their Websites

With the number of slick art magazines on the stands today, it's easy for your work to get washed away in the homogeneous art school world. It's not easy to be truly original and yet still make your mark. With your own website to showcase your art, you don't have to deal with the trendy cliques that make up both the 'legitimate' art world as well as the 'underground' art world.

Here are just a few things you can do with your art website through a reputable web host:

- Show samples of your work. Or show everything you've ever done, starting with preschool finger painting. A few digital photographs of your work, whether you specialize in beadwork, painting, weaving, sculpture, or origami, is all you need to create an online portfolio.

- Showcase different styles. An issue that many artists come across is the need for the world to pinhole you into one particular style or discipline. With your website, you can designate a different page of your website to the different artistic techniques that you enjoy.

- List hours and services and prices. Are your services for sale? Do you have paintings or prints, mini versions of your most popular sculptures, or blankets that you have made? If you have something to offer, let people know. There's no reason that you should be slaving away at some 9-5 job when you could be paying the rent through your art. However, if your 9-5 position is important to you, be sure to list on your site that you're only available to paint portraits at night and on the weekends.

- Special deals or discounts. Though you will list your prices on the services page, you may offer a discount or a special deal to those who make multiple purchases across your various disciplines, come back often, or refer other customers to your work. If so, this is the place to outline the details.

- Offer a subscription service. If your art is small and something you turn out by the hundreds every month whether or not someone is waiting on the other end, waiting to take them off your hands, then a subscription service may be an idea for you to consider. For example, a 'Scarf of the Month' club for knitters or 'Flash Art of the Month' for those who draw tattoos or other graphics. Giving people a reason to come back will not only increase your exposure but help you to create a budget that you can depend on.

- Commission order forms. Whether someone wants to specify the yarn, weight, density, size, color, and pattern for a tapestry or if they have some vague idea that perhaps they'd like to get a painting for their brother, it's easy to design an order form for your art website that will help you understand what exactly it is that they want from you.

- Contact info. Include everything from your cell phone to your email address. They already have your website address, but list it here anyway, in case they copy and paste their information.

- Art newsletter. Whether you focus just on what's new with you and what new services you have to offer including where you'll be showing next and new discounts you have to offer or instead write a newsletter on the history, news events, and interesting facts about the type of art you're interested in, an art newsletter is a great way to remind people who you are and how to find you.

- Part of the community. Offering a link page to fellow artists, framers, and art supply stores may not only earn you a few link-backs on their pages but will make you a source of information in the art community worth book marking.

Above all, be creative when designing your art website through your web host. You will sell yourself and your style through example rather than words alone.

Sabtu, 17 November 2007

Tools For Helping You Monitor Your Website And Adsense

You can

The Myth Of 101 Ways To Market Your Website

"101 Ways To Market Your Website" is the title of a book found at a cheap publisher's outlet in town for about three quid and purchased out of interest.

So, we sat down with a cup of coffee and worked our way through the index, see what these people thought was useful, and if there was something new there.

Extraordinarily enough, in my past 10 years on the net, I've done EVERY SINGLE ONE of those!

EVERY single one. And some of them, I could have added another 12 chapters on top of what was in the book.

Question. If I actually really do know how to do that web thing so very thoroughly (and it appears that I actually really and practically do!), then why don't I have 9 billion visitors per second?

The answer is simple.

EVERY ONE of these 101 ways TAKES IMMENSE INVESTMENT IN TIME - IF you're going to do it right and get it to a point where it actually works well enough to really start generating that mysteriously elusive web traffic for your site.

Let's just take a single one for example, the autoresponder, in all its glory.

Even if we leave out the time spent learning the software, soliciting ads, writing the content, if you really, REALLY did that thoroughly, with a number of multiple chained autoresponders with thousands or tens of thousands of subscribers on each one, the sign up pages, advertising the sign up pages, keeping the whole thing up to date and dealing with the correspondence this generates, the trouble shooting, unsubscriptions, and everything else, you would end up doing NOTHING ELSE ALL DAY - and have a full working week.

And that is just ONE item on a "101" item list.

The same holds true for EVERYTHING.

To really build, use, police, update, enlarge and maintain a top class directory, a 40 hour working week by ONE SINGLE PERSON with their computer is taken up, just with that and ONLY that.

To run, police, advertise and expand a popular forum is yet the same again.

To produce an exciting, content rich, constantly up to date blog that brings in followers and sales, yup, it's a full time task.

To produce, maintain, advertise and run a really good ezine does exactly the same again.

So does "article marketing" with its multiple submissions, updates, multiple directory listings, authors bios, and so forth.

And so does "newsgroup marketing" once again.

Want to try your hand at running a good affiliate programme?

How about keyword optimising each and every page of your website with content alignment, meta tags, robot instructions, and maintaining this with feedback on your listings in various search engines to keep in the top ten as the fashions change radically overnight?

Perhaps a multiple placement dedicated banner advertising campaign with feedback statistic adjustments?

Really get into Google adwords and maintain, track, fine tune and keep it perfectly up to date in response to your competitors and customers?

Same story, all over ...

And so it goes on.

Here's the deal.

All these things, I only did in order to support the business I'm actually SUPPOSED TO BE IN!

My 40 hour working week (well don't make me laugh! but anyway, just for argument's sake and to have a figure there) SHOULD theoretically be taken up by research and writing, as I'm a writer.

So what we have here is 101 ways to spend a full 40 hour week, plus your own job's 40 hour week.

Shame we don't live on Pluto, isn't it. They have weeks that last centuries ...

So what is ONE SINGLE PERSON trying to do web marketing supposed to do?

Well, and after ten years of beating myself up for not doing all those things "properly", I think the following is of the essence.

No.1 is to understand that unless you have dedicated staff, there is no way on Earth you can do all of that yourself.

There simply isn't enough time, even if we leave the steep learning curves and time spent trying to understand software and such quite out of it.

So what one has to do is to pick and choose from these 101 strategies the ones that are:

a) the easiest and fastest;
b) the ones that last the longest on autopilot;
c) the most natural to what you're supposed to be doing in the first place (yeah that's the original job/product/mission, remember that even still?)

If you like databases but abhor article writing, concentrate on building a good directory and forget about article submissions, for example.

We need to prune, prioritise and perfect only a very few of these 101 options, and stick to those.

That's the only way to survive this.

It is to understand that you PHYSICALLY CANNOT do all that; that if you try, you can't help but fail at everything (as then, NOTHING gets the attention it needs to actually bring results eventually!); and that you have to PICK AND CHOOSE which battles you're going to fight.

Lastly, all that 101 traffic stuff has to be subjugated to the real reason we're here, whatever that is, and must NEVER be allowed to get to a point where it is taking up more than 50% of your time.


Go look at a list of these internet marketing devices.

Pick just those you are naturally attracted to, and just FORGET about all the rest.

Try and make those as good as you can, and build up your business to a point like that until you can hire staff and manpower to expand into some of the other traffic generating devices.

And in the meantime, take a deep breath, relax, and know that NO-ONE, not even someone with 8 tentacles instead of arms and who never sleeps, can actually do that myth and successfully implement "101 Ways To Advertise Your Website".

Wisdom is a fine thing ...

SFX :-)

Silvia Hartmann

Things to consider before redesigning or redeveloping a website

Its 2006 and you have made a few resolutions. You need your website to perform so that you reap the rewards. This article will be more useful to companies who have a web based business or a portal.

Does this sound familiar:
1. We have a website and have spent a lot of money but it

Jumat, 16 November 2007

The Benefits of Reliable Equine Websites

When you are a horse passionate, horses become more than just a hobby for you! Horse enthusiasts dedicate a lot of time and money to their passion, constantly looking for new ways of exchanging information and tips with other horse lovers, striving to take their passion to another level. If you are a horse enthusiast and you want to quickly extend your knowledge on horses, with a minimal investment of time, effort and money, the Internet is the best place to turn to for help. There are various equine websites on the World Wide Web that offer you the opportunity to interact with other people interested in horses, allowing you to quickly access the information you need in a fun and interesting environment.

Reliable equine websites offer members the chance to chat with other horse owners and lovers in a wide range of horse forums. Horse forums are the best means to quickly receive advice regarding horse breeding, training, care, health, nutrition and other related features. Structured on various topics, horse forums offer members the opportunity to exchange opinions, ideas and thoughts with other horse enthusiasts, and to get in touch with professionals who provide prompt feedback regarding any horse issues. Regardless of your level of experience with horses, you can always learn new things by participating to various discussions in horse forums. If you are a novice, you will be able to quickly assimilate valuable information and tips, thus expanding your overall knowledge on horses. By contrast, if you are an experienced horse breeder you have the opportunity to share your knowledge with other people.

In addition to topic-oriented horse forums, good equine sites also allow members to access a wide range of horse classified ads. Horse classifieds are well-structured in different categories, so can effortlessly find the ads you are interested in. Whether you are interested in selling or adopting a horse, buying or selling horse accessories and equipment, horse classifieds are appropriate for you! To buy a horse, all you have to do is browse through the abundance of horse classifieds and choose the horse you like best! To sell a horse, you only need to post an ad, include a photo and specify your contacts. Once you have posted the horse classified ad, you will soon be contacted by potential buyers. Reliable horse classified ads websites satisfy the needs of both buyers and sellers, ensuring that the performed transactions are conducted quickly and safely.

Whether you want to buy or sell a horse, a professional horse classified ads website can help you in the process. Apart from horse classifieds, most specific websites also account for features such as horse forums, blogs, advertisements and many more! The best part is that most equine websites offer free membership, so you can enjoy all these facilities without ever having to pay! Choose the services of a dedicated, solid equine website and you won

The Web 2.0 Effect: The Characteristics of a web2.0 website

The term web2.0 was originally presented by O'Reilly Media (A well known media company publishing books and websites on various computer technology topics). It's a term that refers to a new generation of websites (social networking websites, wiki-based websites etc). These websites take advantage of web application technologies and give web users the ability to collaborate and share their experiences, views, opinions and interests while they surf the web.

The web2.0 is a revolutionary phenomenon. Let's talk about the most basic characteristics of the websites using the web2.0 concept:

- A web2.0 website should be completely interactive and dynamic with a friendly user-interface based on the latest web2.0 technologies like AJAX.
- Web2.0 websites should deliver web based applications to Internet users and allowing them to make use of these applications through a web browser.
- A web2.0 website should implement social networking capabilities allowing users to interact with each other and create friend lists.
- A web2.0 website should be a democratic website where users will be able to add value by interacting with the web based application.
- A Web2.0 websites should allow it's users to exercise various controls over the website data and content (adding/deleting/editing content).

The conclusion is that web2.0 websites are build on participatory web based applications focusing basically on user experience and collaboration.

Examples of successful web2.0 websites

Although this new Internet revolution or trend is not widespread among web developers or Internet marketers yet, millions of users are actually participating in such websites. Not a lot of them are aware of the web2.0 concept but they are already an active part of it.

Here are some super-successful websites utilizing the web2.0 technologies:

- YouTube.com : The concept of YouTube is very simple. It allows Internet users to share their favorite video files with the entire world. YouTube gained so much popularity in such a little time. Everyone was surprised when the giant search engine Google bought the YouTube company for over 2 billions dollars!

- Wikipedia: The most famous online encyclopedia. It's free, it's huge, it's quite a resource for everyone and it's updated every single minute since anyone can edit it's contents. Which is why it became such a popular web place.

- Social Bookmarking websites like Digg.com : These type of websites like Digg.com offer users the ability to create friend lists and share their favorite websites, opinions, stories etc with people all over the globe. The popularity of these social bookmarking websites is increasing every day, making the website owners rich!

- MySpace.com: I bet you've heard of MySpace.com. This website will allow you to create your own profile, friend list and personal homepage adding whatever you want on it (text, images, videos, links, etc). It will also allow to share your profile and web page with other MySpace users. Amazingly simple but so clever. MySpace.com is now one of the most visited websited in the entire Internet.

What do all these websites have in common?

The web2.0 concept. These websites are active web based applications. They all allow internet users to actively participate and customize the way the website looks and feels, thus giving the pleasure and impression of collaborating to the online community. The web2.0 is so evolutionary because of it's simplicity and it will become even more widespread among website designers and internet marketers.

Search Engine Optimisation for Joomla Websites

My name is Chris Diprose and I am the Manager of Web Design Australia firm Kanga Internet. I have been an active member of the Joomla Community for several years and have an established business based upon Joomla Development in Melbourne, Australia. My main focus is Search Engine Optimization for Joomla Content Management System.

This article focuses on the first few steps in the Web Development and Design of a decent search optimized website in Joomla. Okay let

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Receive instant payments on your website with offshoredollar.

You have built a great website to market your products and services.
You have even developed an online order form so that people can add
products to their shopping cart. However you are still thinking of a
solution to accept payments online from customers as a result of which
get payments instantly and there is no paper work involved.

Hence we see that offshoredollar helps you accept payments online
minutes after you have registered on the site. The merchant tools
on the site are very secure and hence information entered on your site
such as credit card details will be encrypted so that it does not pass
into wrong hands. You can also sign up for the free referral programs
where you can get credits from the site in case someone else registers
through your reference. The reference quota can go up to six levels.

The best part of offshoredollar is that you will be notified instantly
in case someone has made a payment on your site. Hence you will be
to keep track of all the payments by clients that you have received on
the site. Online payment by customers can be through options such as
E-check, U.S. Mail Paypal, EGold, Gold Money and Liberty Reserve.
Offshoredollar wants to let your business grow and hence it is not
going to
block or freeze your account for reasons other than fraud or spam. The
only purpose of offshoredollar is to make your business successful and
prosper within a short period of time. Online payment can be a big
for your business as the payment is instantly approved and people can
pay from anywhere in the world.

Anyone with an email account can send or receive credits and each
credit is priced at $1. you can redeem your credit for cash at any
time by
paying a nominal fee to offshoredollar as mentioned before, the site
totally secure as it does not ask for passwords at any point of time.
Hence if you receive a mail asking for your password then you should
assume that it is a fraud. In fact you should not never enter your
password in reply to any mail asking for it. Always log on to the site
then enter the password in the password textbox.

Regarding the fees for the transaction, registration is completely
free. You will receive $2 as signup bonus. Sending money from your
is completely free. Receiving money from different sources is
chargeable and the percentage of fees is different for all the
sources. So what
are you waiting for? make your website completely business ready with

The Duplicated Content Debate

How do you create a website that the search engines love? It

Seo Writing For Your Own Website

Writing copy for your own website is a complex business. Not only do you have to write good copy to publicise your business and sell your services but, if you want your website to get seen, you have to understand a little about how the web works. SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the buzz word. Big businesses will pay for specialist SEO services, but what can small business owners do, if they are writing and building their own websites?

The first thing to look at, before you even start writing, is the choice of keywords. Keywords are the words that search engines pick up on, the words that people type in to the Google Search Bar. You can purchase programs that research keywords and rate their effectiveness and if your business is internet based with multiple websites it is an excellent investment. If however you have one small website and just want to do the best you can yourself, there is still a lot you can do in a low-tech way to improve your chances.

Think about your business. What words would someone type in if they were searching for the type of services or products you offer? If you are a specialist supplier or technical expert, catering to other knowledgeable clients, then the terms they are likely to type in to search might be quite technical and specific, but if your business serves the general public then you may need to exercise your imagination. Try it for yourself. Use a search bar to type in a few keywords that you think relate to your business and see what results you get. If the selection on the front page represents mainly businesses similar to yours then you are on the right track. If not, keep trying new words and combinations of words.

Spend plenty of time on this research. Have a look at what keywords your competition are using. What words recur in their titles and sub-headings, what search terms find them?

Try to get the balance right between too general a term and too narrow a phrase: eg typing in just 'travel agents' would produce such a huge mass of results that you are unlikely to feature on the front page ever. Typing in rather 'travel agents San Diego', would narrow it down to a geographical area, and typing in a specialist area as well, would again narrow down the search results. So look for your specialist areas and find a phrase that covers them, but one that people might realistically think of and be able to spell.

This is another area to consider. There are loads of misspelt words that make good search terms, just because people frequently spell them wrong when searching. So you could decide to misspell a word on your website on purpose to attract that traffic. This has to be offset against the detrimental effect of misspelt words to your professional image. Only you can decide that - it depends on your area of business and likely clientele.

Once you have found a few keywords that reflect your main areas of business, select two or three of the most relevant and start writing your home page copy. Your chosen keywords need to be used several times each, but you must be careful to use them in natural language. Resist the temptation to over-use them. Search Engines get suspicious if you pack in keywords in artificial language and will mark you down on it. Use the keywords in the first sentence and in the last sentence of each page and, when they fit naturally, about once in each paragraph. Use your prime keywords in headings in bold too. This adds to their impact, weighting the importance and relevance that the search engines give to them.

If your website is several pages long, choose different keywords according to the main subject of each page.

Search engines value content above all and content that is regularly updated will maximise your chances of being seen. Build a text space into your home page that you can update every week, with latest news, a new article or whatever is relevant to your business. Do remember that Search Engines are looking for relevant content, so splashing an article about travel when your business is in catering won't help your ratings - choose to feature latest food trends rather.

After you have written up your copy with keywords in mind, read through it afresh. There is no point in perfect keyword research and placing, unless that copy also speaks to your potential clients. Your copy needs to appeal to humans as well as search engines!

Copyright 2007 Kit Heathcock

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Take Your Website to the Next Level with Google Adsense

If webmasters want to earn more with their websites, a good way to do it is through Google Adsense. There are lots of webmasters working hard to earn some good money through their sites. But then some of the

Six Quick Ways Your Website Benefits From Blogging

In this article I

To Get The Best Rates Of Interest On Used Car Loans Go With A Specialist Website

Just as with any type of loan the chances of you getting the loan and how much the interest rate will be is determined by your credit status. If you have a great credit rating then you will have the luxury of being able to pick and choose from the best interest rates. However if your credit rating is poor then the rates of interest will be higher and you might even have to consider going for a bad credit loan. However, whichever type of used car loans you need if you go with a specialist website you will get the best deal possible for your circumstances.

While a specialist car finance website will do all the hard work on your behalf you do have to do a little work yourself in order for them to be able to search for your loan. The biggest factor you will have to decide is of course how much you want to borrow and the terms you want to take the loan over. Of course all cars depreciate over time and you have to take this into account when deciding how long to take the car loan over, of course how much you can afford to repay each month will also determine this. The longer the period you take used car loans over then the more interest it will accumulate while the repayments will be lower. On the other hand if you can afford to repay a little more each month then you can cut down the total amount you will pay.

Although a specialist will find you the best deals it is then down to you to choose the right one for your circumstances, this is when it does help if you know a little about the ins and outs of used car loans and understand the terms and conditions of the loan. While all the quotes a specialist will find for you will be the cheapest that can be found they will differ and also the terms and conditions of the loan can vary which can include any extra costs that you could have to pay including any early repayment charges.

Never be tempted to rush into choosing between used car loans, the chances are that if you rush into it blindly and take on a loan just on face value without looking over the small print and terms and conditions that you will miss vital information and then be stuck with something that could end up costing more than you had budgeted for.

Always bear in mind that along with used car loans and taking on the responsibility of a car not only will you have to find the money each month to repay the loan but also additional costs that come with the car, of course you will have to insure the car, tax and test your car and pay out to keep the car on the road along with buying fuel. There is a lot more to buying a car than just taking on a loan and you have to make sure that you can afford to take on the responsibility of a car and the loan repayments that go with it.