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The Link Popularity Every Website Needs

One of the important ways of getting traffic is to post to forums, search engines pick up and index forum posts very frequently, when posting be sure to add many keyword rich content and topics to each post. This will help provide popular keywords for your site. Good link popularity is important because it can increase the visitor traffic to your web page. Getting good quality incoming links back to your website is an excellent way of getting visitors that are targeted to your website. If you are selling niche products, you will need to get links from other sites that are related to the products or services you are selling.

Building links to your website is not as difficult as everyone believes, you will need many hours dedicating your time to get the job done properly. Since Search Engine's are placing more and more emphasis on "link popularity" as part of their search engine ranking algorithms, webmasters should definitely invest some time building quality back links to their site. Spend the time building one way and reciprocal links, it is time consuming and it will take a long time but in the end it is worth it.

Finding the right partner to exchange links with is equally as important. To increase link popularity it is necessary to conduct the link exchanges with other webmasters. To increase your traffic and ultimately your revenue, it is certainly worth your while to put some serious effort into reciprocal link exchanging.

Everyday more and more webmasters enter into the world of search engine optimization, after doing some research and reading a few SEO news articles or forum posts everyone move ahead and starts optimizing their sites. First of all, you

RSS Feeds feed your website with fresh content.

First let

So You Need To Have A Website.....

You may have (or work for) a small business, run a youth club or other organisation and have decided to (or been asked to) build a website for it. Where do you start?

Well, you don

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Super-Affiliates Choose Multiple Make Money Revenue Stream Website

Do you want to hear about a big secret? One in which most successful millionaires themselves on the internet used this same step by step procedure that made them very wealthy people? I am sure they would be very upset if they knew the word is out on how they quit their day jobs in less than a year and became financially independent with this amazing money making system. Do you want to hear more? Okay then I will tell you.

Have you heard about the Pro2 system? If not, please read on. Read how this Pro2 system actually makes money for you, and all you have to to is check your mailbox every two weeks to collect your big checks. It will be a life changing experience for you, I promise!

Making money online can be a great way to boost your income and you can definitely figure out a lot of different ways with the Pro2 system to make sure you make multiple revenue streams. If you are trying online sales or marketing for the first time then it can be kind of confusing for you because of all the options out there and you do not really know what you are doing. Also, there is really just a lot for you to learn and explore when you are trying to make money online. You can either try to make money fast or you can set your goals low in order to make sure you know how to pace yourself and figure out everything that you need to know in order to continue making money online through sales or marketing.

If you are a rookie or an expert it really does not matter because there are methods with the Pro2 system you can use to help guide you easily into making a lot of money. So what you need to do is get online and do some research about strategies and systems that have worked for other people that you can learn from and employ for yourself.

One of the newest and by far best system is the Pro2 and it has taken two years of intense development to figure this out and organize a formal strategy system of steps and ways to make money online. With the Pro2 system you work with money making products on the web that you can make up to seventy five percent profits with and never have to do anything like stock or ship items by yourself.

The great thing about making money online is that you can work from home or wherever you want and you have a lot of control and even more options about what you can do no matter what because you are always ultimately your own boss. If you follow along a specific guided path to making affiliate sites and using them to your advantage then you will soon become a super affiliate making as much money as you could ever want to make online. You could do this as a little something extra on the side to make a little bit more money or you can be completely devoted to the internet and your online business by making it your primary job and source of income.

The hardest part about selling things online is that you need to network a lot and promote all of the things that you want people to know about.

With the Pro2 system you can definitely pick and choose everything you want to display on your site and then promote only the things that you deem necessary for yourself. The Pro2 system allows you to be in complete control and is a way that makes you able to do the things you want and look at your job however you would like.

The creators of this system are so confident in this product that they are offering free information for a limited time only and also a money back guarantee. All the super-affiliates love this product for very obvious reasons, and you will too.

The Pro2 system is by far the leading money making affiliate product tool sold on ClickBank and anybody who is serious about making money online or looking for a work at home business, the Pro2 system is highly recommended.

Search Engine Ranking Of The Website

In the competitive market place of the modern world, it has been very hard to promote products and services for the businessmen. But nowadays business professionals are making use of the internet to promote their services and products online. For them the website development is the main media to get close to the quality traffic as the basic thing about Internet Marketing Service reveals.

Like the most other business people develop the website and do not impute any planning and efforts for this. If it continues for long the online mirror of the business will become worthless. So creation of the website does not mean it all, business professionals must take proper initiative to make them live by all means. When a website is indexed with the search engines, Search Engine Optimization based on some certain algorithms for various search engines have the deep impact to sending the targeted traffic to the website of the Webmasters.

It is established that more than 80% of traffic is sent by the search engines to the correspondent website. Only the traffic ensures higher listing for the website in the leading Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, AltaVista and MSN. All these search engines follow some algorithm to send the website spiders to website. Website owner must understand these algorithms and implement such things while to development of the website for the cyber world.

Basically the cyber crawlers make their way to search engines to extract the needful information for them. For the improve search engine ranking, web masters need to approach for the professional designing of the website. The professional designing of the website will guarantee that the website is search engine friendly and easy to navigate. Content of the website is one of the factor that enhance the visibility of the website. Website content must be easy to understand which will drive the traffic.

Another important aspect of the quality traffic is the link popularity of the website. Link must be well worth of working. It will be always better to have the reciprocal link with the higher ranked website. Links to the other pages of the website should not be affected in any case. With professional search engine marketing business professionals can achieve Improve Search Engine Ranking in the top of search engines. Also it will be best to make a suitable content management system and put into procedure suitable methods of optimization, and put together the use of exclusive optimization techniques for each website.

The Best Way To Make Good Money From Your Website Using Affiliate Programs

Have you got a website that is not making you much money? Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself,

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Surefire SEO For New Websites

Have you ever wonder why some websites are more successful than the others? Have you purchased a ready-made website, fire it onto the web and realize that there is no traffic to the website? Are the gurus having secrets that you don

Running A Retail Website

What You Need To Know

Of the many potential home businesses, a retail website is one of the best. Running a retail website isn

Trust in a Website Hosting Review? Trust to luck?

The Web hosting service market continues to grow every day, while the services offered become more complex to meet the needs of all businesses. In this volatile environment, it is important to be able to quickly research your options and read a variety of Web hosting reviews before you spend your hard-earned money on the wrong provider.

There are thousands of Web hosts in existence, and many have similar packages available, so it can be tricky for a user to determine which ones are truly the best

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The Benefits to Creating Your Own Website to Resell Private Label Products

In the United States, many individuals are making money through a process that is known as private label resell rights. Private label resell rights are a special type of business opportunity. It is an opportunity that has a lot of potential; however, to be successful, you must first know what you are doing.

Private label resell rights are available on a wide variety of different products. Despite the wide variety of different products, e-books and software programs are the most popular. With private label resell rights, the original product creator either does not have the time or the money needed to market and sell their product. Instead of selling their product to prospective customers, they sell the rights to someone who has knowledge and the time to sell their product. There is a good chance that you can be that person.

The first step in taking part in this opportunity is to find a product with available resell rights. As previously mentioned, this product is often an e-book or a software program. Before agreeing to purchase the resell rights to a private label product, you are advised to know what you are purchasing. Not only will you want to make sure that the product is a quality one, but you will also need to make sure that it is one that will sell. Since you will be purchasing the resell rights to this product, you will not want to waste your money on something that you cannot use.

As soon as you purchase the resell rights to a product you may be able to begin selling it; however, additional steps may need to be taken. For instance, private label resell rights often require you to change the product, which you just purchased the resell rights to. This change is often minimal, but it is sometimes required. The last thing that you may want to do is alter a perfect product, but in a way it may be able to help you. After this alteration, you may be able to claim the product as your own. This means that you could officially be the author of an e-book or a software developer.

Once the additional steps, if any are required, are taken, you can then begin to sell your product. Unfortunately, this is where many individuals go wrong. The only way that you will make money is if the product sells; therefore, you need to find and use an effective selling method. There are a number of different methods that you can use; however, you may find your own website to be the most beneficial. This website can not only be used to provide information on your product, but it can also be used to purchase it.

When it comes to developing a website, there are many individuals who are unfamiliar with web design. If you are one of those individuals, you will have a number of alternatives. One of those alternatives includes the assistance of a professional website developer or designer. For a fee, you should be able to have a professional design your website for you. If you are looking for a low-cost way to develop your own website, you are urged to choose a web hosting plan that includes a free site builder.

When building your website, you will want to add information on the product in which you are selling. If you are selling an e-book, you may not only want to give a description of your book, but a few samples. These samples, also often referred to as inserts, will allow your potential customers to determine whether or not your product is worth the buy. In addition to adding product descriptions, samples, and pictures, you will also want to add a shopping cart. This feature, provided by most web hosting companies, will allow you sell your product right off of your website.

For a small amount of money, you will have a way to not only sell your product, but market it as well. After you have created your website, you will find that customers make their way to you, thanks to search engines. In time, you should be able to sell your product and make a substantial profit.

Teachers- Make Your Life Easier With A Personal Website

Whether you teach high school physics or college level English, your own personal website can not only help your students better understand the material but make your life easier at the same time. Even if your institution provides for you to have your own website, they may not give you enough room to really do with it what you need to. Use this site for basic information and link to your personal website where you will have more freedom to give your students the information they need.

Update homework assignments. Sometimes, inclement weather or emergencies may keep you or your students out of the classroom. Rather than lose whole class periods, you can use your website to update your students on what to expect. Was an important paper due that day? Give an extension or have them email it or upload it to your site. Will the reading for that day be discussed the next time the class meets or should they go ahead and do the next reading? Also, if there is a typo or a question that you are getting about the homework assignment from many students, you can address the concern on your website.

Answer questions one time only. You may have two sections of the same class or students who weren't listening or didn't show up the first 7,000 times the question was asked. To make things simple, you can have a frequently asked questions page for class expectations and rules and a forum for students to ask questions where other students can refer first before asking you again.

Notes and review sheets. Especially for high-schoolers, notes for your class may help them to not only understand the material, but learn how to take good, thorough notes. Also good for those who miss class. Review sheets, too, will help your class hone in on the topics they should focus on for major exams or projects.

Link to research and interactive examples. Often the top 10% and the bottom 10% of the class miss out on the extra attention they need. With a website, you can provide interactive learning activities, extra worksheets to practice with, and further information for those who want to learn more about the background of the subject or explore beyond the limits of the class. These are good for offering extra credit, as well.

No matter what it is that motivates you to build your own website, as a teacher, it will be easier for you reach your students more efficiently and minimize at-home phone calls, excuses, and panicked students. Email, of course, will come with your web site and you can give different classes different email addresses to reach you in order to better organize your desk or assign a certain email address for high priority or turning in assignments.

You can also include pages that are inaccessible to the students for your own personal organization. Grades, attendance, notes to yourself on projects, resources, lecture notes, et cetera can all be kept on your website, accessible to you at any time. As a teacher, a personal website is not just a luxury. Once you build yours, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a necessity for websites

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a necessity for websites looking to increase their market penetration. What makes search engine optimization such a challenging field is that search engines are making changes to their search algorithms on a regular basis. It takes considerable skill for any SEO firm to stay in tune with the latest SEO developments. If you are looking to increase the popularity of your website and want to hire a SEO firm to take care of the search engine optimization of your site, here are a few tips to help you choose a SEO firm.

One of the most important aspects of SEO is optimizing content, major search engines like Google and Yahoo are basically content centric. This means a website without optimized content stands a very poor chance of performing well with major search engines. The first thing you should look for in a SEO firm is if it is capable of offering content writing services for SEO. Almost all major SEO firms now offer content centric services like web content writing. Apart from optimizing content, it is also important to look for a SEO firm that can utilize other content centric avenues like article writing and press release writing.
Another thing to keep in mind while choosing a SEO firm is the services that are on offer. It pays to work with a SEO firm that can offer a complete portfolio of services from link building to specialized web designing services. SEO firms offer a wide variety of link building packages, depending on the page rank you are targeting you should be able to choose the link building package you want. If you are using a SEO firm for carrying out SEO of your site from the ground up, then the SEO firm will automatically choose the link building package your site needs.

It is also important to look at the credentials of the firm you are dealing with, most SEO firms make tall claims but have very little to back up their claims. Before you choose a SEO firm ask them for a website they have optimized, most SEO firms will show you a website they have optimized and the keywords for which it is ranking. In addition, also look at the ranking of the website of the SEO firm itself. If the SEO firm

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Take Advantage Of The Search Option On A Used Car Website To Find Your Used Vauxhall

If you are looking to buy a used Vauxhall then you should take advantage of the search feature that a specialist used car website will offer along with many other helpful tools when making a search for a used car. And of course they should also offer plenty of free advice, hints and tips on how to get the best out of the search and also when it comes to going and looking the car over and taking it for a test drive.

The search feature offered by a specialist used car website is different from the standard search engine that you would normally use online. This search engine should allow you to scour what is on offer based on a huge range of criteria to find the match for the used Vauxhall you are interested in. Because there are many different models of Vauxhall starting with the exact model is a great starting point. After this you are able to narrow down the search even more by how much you want to pay for the car, the radius in which you want to travel, engine size or even colour. By honing your search this way you are not going to be wasting time looking through several web pages of cars that you have no interest in whatsoever.

While a used car website can greatly cut down the time you spend looking for a used Vauxhall there is the disadvantage of not actually being able to see the car and walk around it to get the feel of it, however while you cannot actually be there the majority of specialist websites will encourage the seller to take several good clear photographs of the car including the front, sides and back of the car. While this is not the same it can give you a very good idea of what the car looks like and the state the bodywork is in, you should be very wary of any photographs that have been taken in poor lighting conditions as this could mean that the seller is trying to hide something.

Along with the photographs the seller should have included a detailed listing alongside the photo; the more descriptive the better as this is how you are going to be able to narrow down from the choices of used Vauxhall that the search engine provided. If the seller has taken the trouble not only the essential information will be listed but also any additional features which make the car stand out from above the rest. Of course there will also be contact information included with the listing which allows you to ask any questions you have regarding the used Vauxhall which haven

Submitting Websites to Directories

Submitting your website to the various online directories is an important part of any Link Popularity campaign. While your traffic from many directories may be minor or irrelevant, relevant incoming links to your website will help in your overall search engine link popularity.

Paying for your directory submission can be a waste of money. You can get just as good a result from submitting to free directories. Personally, I wouldn't recommend you pay for what you can get free elsewhere.

The best directories to submit your site to are Search Engine Friendly directories (those that actually have your site URL listed at some point, rather than outlinks that are simply code). Some will ask for a reciprocal link, some will not. One list of non-reciprocal directories is at http://www.Pimp-Url.com . Opinion at the moment is suggesting that non-reciprocal or one-way links are better, although any relevant link is useful. Directories that do not encode outgoing links will help your website's Search Engine Ranking.

Deep Linking can be worth linking to other pages on your site other than your main page. Before doing this, make sure that the directory you are submitting to permits you to both submit URLs other than your home page (some only allow top level submission), and for the same site to be submitted to different categories (not all directories permit what are essentially multiple submissions of the same website). This will work especially if you have online tools or directories (such as your links page) on your site that are useful and relevant to add to other directory categories. Choose the relevant directory category for your website. Most directories will have many categories you can submit your site to. Decide on the one that is most relevant, preferably a keyword that you are aiming for high search engine ranking in, and try to submit to the same or similar category in every directory, at least for your main page. This will increase the ranking of your site relating to the keyword chosen.

Submit to different categories as long as your website is relevant to those categories. This will increase the number of incoming links to your website. Writing the title for your website is very important. Try to include a keyword you are aiming for ranking in the title, but make the use of it appropriate. Describe your website in a way that will attract visitors. The length of your description will vary from directory to directory, but most will be under 250 characters. Some will allow up to 1,000 characters, and in those cases write the most comprehensive description of your site and its features that you can. It is a good idea to write several descriptions of different lengths, say from under 50 characters for a brief overview, to around 150 characters for a fuller description, up to 250 characters for a yet more comprehensive listing, and finally a full description as previously mentioned for over 250 characters. Keep your listing pertinent to your website, insert keywords where relevant and appropriate, but do not just submit a keyword listing, as most directories will reject your submission. Save all your descriptions in a text file, and just copy & paste into the descriptions boxes when needed rather than typing the same descriptions out again and again.

Again, as with the description mentioned above, the amount of keywords you can use will vary from directory to directory. Some will not give the option, some will allow you numbers of keywords, whilst others go by numbers of characters. Make a list of all relevant keywords for your site, from most important to least, and basically keep adding keywords until either you get to the bottom of your list (unlikely unless your list is really short) or you run out allowed characters/keywords. Check what keywords your competitors are going for if you need inspiration. This can often be done by viewing the source of a web page and checking the META tags. Again, save your keywords to a text file.

Stylish Pet Carriers introduces brand new pet products website interface

Pet product websites have made it uneasy on incoming visitors to target and find information about individual pet preference; it is getting increasingly harder to not only locate a specific item, but also purchase it, you have to go through countless pages to do so.
The endless amount of words stuffed on these pages to satisfy the search engine is ludicrous and produces unfriendly results, it also proves non-navigational towards users; what is the end result? It results in visitors leaving the page, hopelessly searching for animal shampoos, pet dental care, durable toy supplies, and natural pet foods.
By studying the competitors, StylishPetCarriers.com was able to gain a foreseeable advantage. Thus SPC invented from scratch with a design capable of leading pet lovers easily through the navigational bar to find each item. As you select each pet product, it will take you to a descriptive page about the product featuring the benefits. The images on the front page also come with descriptions, and are clickable as well.
The thought of SPC

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The Three Second Test for a Successful Website

Websites Deliver Business
Most of us know how to dress nicely and speak clearly, right? The crazy thing is business owners spend thousands on driving and directing people to their websites only to have them arrive at a website that comes up short. Visitors are greeted by your online "salesperson" and its almost like your website has a five o'clock shadow, speaks in tongues, is difficult to understand, did nothing about wearing a pressed suit and doesn't ask for the sale.

Sales Basics 101 The Three Second Test
Most sales training institutes will tell you that you have three seconds to capture the interest of your customers. In that time, they make a decision about who you are, how credible your product or service is and, ultimately, whether or not they will buy from you. Your website is no different. Your homepage should tell your customers what you do within that three seconds, and it should tell them at a glance. You need to quickly and simply tell your customers what you do in order to get them to stick to your website and move towards making an enquiry or a sale. Let me share some quick pointers on creating stick-ability.

The Glance Test
Remember, this may be the first time a customer has come to your website, now is your chance to grab their attention. Your website must make it ABSOLUTELY clear what you do at a glance. Use images that show what you do and make it clear where they can find the sections they want. If they have to guess your web site won't work.

Create a Compelling Headline
The next part of our three second test is whether users can find information quickly. I don't know about you but I want information now and as fast as possible. When visitors arrive at the home page, your goal is to display information that is relevant to them and in the form of a headline which can be found easily and quickly. Do this and your home page will convert loads of visitors into enquiries.

How Much Text is Good Text?
Less is always more when it comes to text first impressions. Reduce your text to the absolute minimum necessary and stick to the point! (when was the last time you read through a three page sales pitch?) A simple statement about your products or services and who your customers are is all that you need on the homepage. Using strong

Should You Have Static Or Dynamic Websites

Once a static website has been published it will not change until the next edition. A dynamic website, on the other hand, relies on a back end engine to change site content. Dynamic site content is changed on the fly while static content modified through editions. Deciding whether static or dynamic sites are better is like determining whether vanilla or chocolate ice cream is better. It truly depends on your situation, and your needs.

Dynamic websites yield more to the interactive makeup of the Internet. Because dynamic site modification does not require knowledge of html, it simplifies editing. Users are empowered, for they are enabled to make changes to the site.

The decision is yours to make, and it should be based on your needs. Most websites are infrequently edited, and, unfortunately, are not at all interactive. Therefore, a static site is the logical choice. For example, if you are an insurance broker and you just want to have an online brochure website, a static web site will do. On the other hand, an online business that plans to list hundreds of products should opt for the dynamic option.

Dynamic websites are more expensive to implement because they require skilled professionals. While a graphics artist may be able to create a static website, they lack the programming skills required to implement such a solution. In addition, dynamic websites are less search engine friendly than static sites. Search engine spiders struggle to crawl through certain dynamic sites due to the often long and complicated URLs.

Real world example: URL's of dynamically generated sites often contain percentage signs (%), question marks (?), and other symbols such as &, + and $ or text such as cgi-bin. Although search engine spiders have become better at reading URL parameters (text after the question mark), but have a hard time when there are too many and therefore certain pages on dynamic sites with many URL parameters are not crawled.

Static Site

Pros - Inexpensive development, Quick deployment, Low skill level required

Cons - Updates require html editing, Lack of interactivity, Stagnant content

Dynamic Site

Pros - Highly Scalable, Interactive, Updates don

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The embarrassingly easy secret to massive website content - outsourcing

The embarrassingly easy secret to massive website content - outsourcing

The content of your site tells a whole lot about your website. They will basically describe what your site is about and also tell people what your site has to offer. Articles and website content makes a whole lot of difference in your site because they can catch the attention of your website visitors and keep them in there.

With good website content you get the benefit of clearly depicting what it is you want to share with people. Also, good content and articles can lead people to your site. With more traffic, you get to earn more from your site making it profitable. A sites success, be it for profit or not, is the number of the flow of traffic in your site.

So how does good content and great articles get you traffic? Well, many search engines rely on the keyword and keyword phrases of a site to put it in their results list. If your content contains a good number of keywords and keywords phrases, it may be chosen to be a part of the top listed sites in the search result pages.

But before you think of just plastering your site with all the keywords and keyword phrases it could hold, search engines also filter out that abuse. You must have good well written articles that incorporate the keywords and keyword phrases properly in their content and articles.

There are many of those who cannot afford the time to write their own website contents and articles. While writing content and articles specifically designed for the internet may take some getting used to and some researching and learning, there are many writers that can be found all over the world who could do it for you.

Many of us do not have the time to learn web content writing and article writing designed for the internet. There are writers who have great experience in doing this and charge only a minimal fee for such work. Writers like this can be regarded as experts in this style of writing and can greatly help your website to get that coveted spot in the search engine rankings.

Other than getting your site in the web results page of search engines, they can also provide your site with meaningful articles and content that can impress your website visitors and entice others to view your site. Every website could use the extra traffic website visitors could invite.

Then there are those who need papers to be done either for their school or office work. Top writers around the world are very knowledgeable and do extreme researching to get a job done right. They are also very adept in many writing styles that are needed to best suit the client

Ten Ways to Keep Your Website Unnoticed on the Internet.

If you are a person who likes to keep up with current trends you will know that it is important to have your own website. After all anybody who is Anybody Important has a website of their very own. However one of the dangers of having a website is that someone browsing on the internet might discover it one day and what is worse, actually pause to visit your site and read its contents! They might even be interested stopping for a while to read what you wrote in it, or want to buy the widget you thought might be good to sell as you have more than one of them. If you would like to reduce the possibilities of that happening be sure to follow these ten tips, and you can be sure that very few people will even know your website exists.

1. Choose an obscure domain name. Make sure the name you select has no relevance to the content of your site, to you or your business. Whatever you do make sure the domain name contains NO keywords that would indicate what your site is about and attract attention when someone searches for a site with your content or product.

2. Do not submit your website URL to any search engines, especially the big ones like Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Do not participate in any offers for your website to be submitted to search engines for free.

3. Never add fresh content or pages to your website. In fact it is a better idea to identically duplicate your content on every page.

4. Avoid reading anything about how to promote traffic to your website. One of the strategies might sink into your sub conscious, and you might find yourself promoting your site by accident.

5. Set up your website and then just leave it. Try not even to visit it yourself if possible in case your computer has tracking cookies. Any visits to your site could attract attention.

6. Make sure that you have a generic e mail address that you use all the time. An example of this might be a hotmail or yahoo address. Then when you write emails no one can track down your website through your email address. An address like me @mywebsite.com would just give the game away.

7. Even if you are passionate about writing, do not even consider writing an article and submitting it to a free article submission site such as Articles Beyond Better.Com. The problem with submitting an article is that you have to put something in the resource box which tells other people who you are and how to visit your website and buy your widget. It

Search Engine Optimization for Dynamic Websites

What are "Dynamic Websites"?

Dynamic websites are websites whose pages are generated on the fly. Unlike static pages (primarily .htm/.html pages), dynamic pages are generated when an user triggers an action through that particular page.

Here is a sample dynamic URL-


As per the above example of www.bbc.co.uk, the dynamic part (i.e. the part) of the URL which changes as per surfer request is the part after the question mark (?)

What are the problems that search engines face in indexing Dynamic URLs?

1. Search engines often consider a dynamic URL as an infinite set of links.

2. Since dynamic URLs find maximum application in online shopping carts, there is a possibility of incorporating a session id to a particular page. As session ids of that particular page change, the search engine spider needs to index an infinite number of copies of the same page, which is a Herculean task for them.

3. Proceeding with the same logic presented in point # 2, indexing the same dynamic page might overload the servers of the search engines and therefore prevent the search engines to present with the most relevant information in the fastest possible time.

Here is what Google says about indexing of dynamic websites -

Reasons your site may not be included: Your pages are dynamically generated. We are able to index dynamically generated pages. However, because our web crawler can easily overwhelm and crash sites serving dynamic content, we limit the amount of dynamic pages we index. (Source - http://www.google.com/webmasters/)

What are the options that you have in order to make a search engine spider index your Dynamic URLs?

1. Use of softwares - Exception Digital Enterprise Solutions (http://www.xde.net) offers a software which can change the dynamic URLs to static ones. Named XQASP, it will remove the "?" in the Query String and replace it with "/", thereby allowing the search engine spiders to index the dynamic content.

Example -
http://www.my-online-store.com/books.asp?id=1190 will change to

The latter being a static URL, it can easily be indexed by the search engine spiders.

2. Use of CGI/Perl scripts - One of the easiest ways to get your dynamic sites indexed by search engines is using CGI/Perl scripts. Path_Info or Script_Name is a variable in a dynamic application that contains the complete URL address (including the query string information). In order to fix this problem, you'll need to write a script that will pull all the information before the query string and set the rest of the information equal to a variable. You can then use this variable in your URL address.

Example - http://www.my-online-store.com/books.asp?id=1190

When you are using CGI/Perl scripts, the query part of the dynamic URL is assigned a variable.
So, in the above example "?id=1190" is assigned a variable, say "A". The dynamuc URL http://www.my-online-store.com/coolpage.asp?id=1190
will change to http://www.my-online-store.com/books/A through CGI/Perl scripts which can easily be indexed by the search engines.

3. Re-configuring your web servers -

(i) Apache Server - Apache has a rewrite module (mod_rewrite) that enables you to turn URLs containing query strings into URLs that search engines can index. This module however, isn't installed with Apache software by default, so you need to check with your web hosting company for installation.

(ii) ColdFusion - You'll need to reconfigure ColdFusion on your server so that the "?" in a query string is replaced with a '/' and pass the value to the URL.

4. Creation of a Static Page linked to an array of dynamic Pages -

This approach is very effective, especially if you are the owner of a small online store selling a few products online. Just create a static page linking to all your dynamic pages. Optimize this static page for search engine rankings. Include a link title for all the product categories, place appropriate "alt" tag for the product images along with product description containing highly popular keywords relevant to your business (You can conduct keyword research for your site through http://www.wordtracker.com). Submit this static page along with all the dynamic pages in various search engines, conforming to the search engine submission guidelines.

How Amazon.com, Earth's Biggest Bookstore, coped with the issue of indexing of dynamic URLs?

A search in Google for internet marketing books, yielded a result that takes you directly to the appropriate dynamic page at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN%3D0395683297/103-0475212-8205437.

Since the above URL does not contain any query strings, all search engines can index Amazon.com's products. Amazon.com uses this method to get its product selections indexed by search engines. This is very important for Amazon, because being an online bookstore, it is very natural for them to adopt dynamic URLs yet it was equally important for them to make their dynamic URLs search engine index friendly.


Even a few years back, most of the major search engines did not index dynamic URLs, thereby often preventing top search engine rankings for the online stores. With Google starting to index dynamic URLs a few months ago, the picture is going to change in the coming days. This is more so because Google's numero uno position is currently being threatened by Microsoft's MSN (developing its own search engine) and Yahoo! who recently acquired Overture, the biggest player in the PPC Search Engine industry.

Kamis, 13 Desember 2007

Should Your Join a Social Networking Website?

Are you interested in meeting new people online? If so, there is a good chance that you have heard of social networking websites before. Social networking websites are, in a way, like a community. They allow internet users to connect with and communicate with each other. Despite the fact that social networking website have rapidly increased in popularity and their popularity is only expected to keep on rising, there are many internet users who are unsure as to whether or not social networking websites are for them.

If you are interested in determining whether or not you should join an online networking website, you are encouraged to think about why those websites are so popular. Doing so will enable you to determine why other internet users make the decision to join an online social network. After that close examination, you may even find that those are the same reasons why you should or want to join. One of those reasons is the ability to easily meet other internet uses.

Before social networking websites, it was difficult to meet other internet users. If you tried, you would have to rely on chat rooms or instant messaging services. As nice as these popular internet features are, they are not always considered safe. With chat rooms or instant messaging programs you were often given little reassurance that a person was who they claimed to be. Without profiles, there was no way that you could learn more about a particular internet user, even if you wanted to. Social networking websites have changed that.

Not only have social networking websites made it safer to meet people online, it also allows you to meet people that have the same or similar interests as yourself. Most social networking websites allow you to create your own profile; in fact, many even give you your own webpage. These profiles or pages will allow you to share information on yourself, including your likes and dislikes. Since all other network members should have the same pages and profiles, it should be fairly easy for you to meet up with other internet users, especially those who enjoy or believe in the same things that you do.

Another one of the many reasons why you should join a social networking website is because you literally have a wide variety of different choices. As social networking websites increased in popularity, so did the number of websites that could be found online. Although MySpace is often deemed the most popular online social networking website, there are others that are just as easy or as much fun to use. You should easily be able to find those websites by performing a standard internet search.

In your search, for social networking websites, you will come across a number of different networks. Many of those sites will have a particular focus. Unlike MySpace, which accepts just about any internet user, there are online networks that aim to accept internet users that have a particular hobby, view, or belief. Online, it is not uncommon to find social networking websites that focus on politics, religion, pets, sports, and more. If you are unsure about joining an online networking community, specialty networking sites may be your best bet. They are a great way to test the waters and they are nice because they automatically pair you with internet users who have the same interests, views, or beliefs as you do.

Perhaps, the greatest reasons why should join a social networking website is because most are free to use. Popular free networks include Yahoo! 360, Orkut, and MySpace. In addition to free social networks, there are online networks in which you are required to pay to join. Although you may not want to pay for something that you can obtain for free elsewhere, you will find that most paid networks offer you more membership benefits, when compared to free social networking sites.

Due to the fact that most social networking websites are free to use or at least free to try, you are encouraged to give them a shot. If you are unsatisfied with what you see, you can easily cancel your membership, often at anytime.

Tell me what your website does!

You know exactly what your organisation does and what your website offers its users. This information has probably become second nature to you, but first-time visitors to your site won't know this. As such, make sure you don't forget to tell them what you do.

As soon as new site visitors arrive at your website the first thing they need to know, before anything else, is what you do. You can talk all you like about how great you are, but unless you spell out what you actually do, they won't even know what you're so great at! This oh-so-overlooked yet such basic of information can be communicated to your site visitors in a number of different ways:

Page title

Don't just use the page title to tell me who you are; tell me what you do too. If your company is called Bloggs Ltd don't only place the words, 'Bloggs Ltd' in the page title as there's plenty of room for more information. If Bloggs Ltd sells widgets, a good page title might be: 'Bloggs Ltd - Buy widgets online'.

Note in this example, 'Buy widgets online' was used to describe what Bloggs Ltd does, and not 'Widget seller'. When describing what it is you do be sure to speak the language of your users, and don't talk from your point of view. From your point of view you sell widgets, but from their point of view they want to buy widgets online, so do bear this in mind when authoring the page title.

The page title is the first thing that appears on screen, and especially on dial-up modems can be the only thing that displays for the first 10 seconds or so. For many web users this is the first piece of content they'll read on your site.

The page title is also very important for search engines, which place more importance on the page title than any other on-page element. Descriptive page titles are also essential for blind web users utilising screen readers, as it's the first thing that gets read aloud to them upon arriving at the page.


A good tagline is one of the most important usability features on any website. A good tagline should be explanatory and not vague, clear and informative and about four to eight words in length. A tagline is different to a company slogan, in that the former describes what the organisation/website does whereas the latter is designed to evoke certain feeling or create a brand.

'Priceless' and 'I'm loving it' are slogans by Mastercard and McDonald's respectively - they differ from taglines because they don't describe what the organisation does.

Taglines are so important because no matter on what page site visitors enter your website, they'll always be able to quickly gain an understanding of what your organisation and website offers. This can be especially true for site visitors coming into internal pages from search engines - by telling these site visitors what you do through the tagline, they may be more likely to explore your site beyond the initial page on which they enter.

Taglines are also good for search engine optimisation, as they appear on every page right at the top of the page, an area on to which search engines place importance.

Main heading

The main heading on the homepage is one of the first pieces of text web users notice, especially on clean well laid out websites. Sticking a 'Welcome to our website' may seem to be friendly and welcoming to you, but to task-driven site visitors it doesn't help in any way shape or form. A quick summary of what you do and/or what the website offers, in just four or five words can be highly effective (and very search engine friendly too!).

Opening paragraph

Perhaps the most important place on the homepage to tell your site visitors what you do, the opening paragraph must be short, succinct and straight-to-the-point. Just one sentence is enough to put across this most basic yet fundamental of information.

When writing this opening paragraph, remember to front-load the content (this rule actually applies to every paragraph on the website). Front-loading means putting the conclusion first, followed by the when, what, where and how.

Don't write a story with a start, middle and conclusion - generally speaking on the web, we scan looking for the information that we're after so put the conclusion first. This way, site visitors can read the conclusion first, which in this case is what your organisation actually does. If they want to know any more, they can then continue reading or jump to another section of the page. (To see front-loading in action, read any newspaper article.)


So, does every website need to tell users what the organisation does in these four different places? Well, not necessarily. We all know what Mastercard and McDonalds do, so it could definitely be argued that websites for household names need not explicitly say what they do. What these sites should do instead is tell us what the website offers, and this message can (and should) be put across in any of the above four ways - how else will site visitors quickly be able to find this out?


People are going to visit your site who don't know what you do. Before you can even begin selling to them you must tell them what your organisation and website does. In addition to fulfilling site visitors' immediate need (finding out what you do) you'll also be boosting your search engine rankings. If your organisation is a household name, then instead of explaining what you do, it may be wise to tell site visitors what they can do on your website.

Seek The Advice Of A Specialist Website When It Comes To Second Property Mortgages

Looking into second property mortgages and taking one on is an enormous step to take, in doing so you are probably going to be stretching your finances to their very limit and as such need the best possible advice and, of course, the best deal when it comes to taking your second property mortgage.

With this in mind it is essential that you get the right advice on second property mortgages and of course the lowest rate of interest for your mortgage. The best advice can be found by going to a specialist broker, a reputable one will offer honest advice on all the factors that you need to consider when buying a holiday home as well as helping you to get the cheapest rate of interest on second property mortgages for you.

When taking out second property mortgages you will of course have to give some consideration as to where you are going to get the money to put down as a deposit on the second home. One of the ways you could do this is from the equity you have in your primary home. However, you need to arm yourself with information of the benefits and disadvantages of doing so.

Some thought should also be given to the property you are considering buying before rushing to look for at second property mortgages for it. Factors to take into account here include making sure that you have compared prices of the homes in the area you are thinking of buying to ensure the cost of the second property is justified. Look for people who want a quick sale, this way they are more likely to knock a little off the price if you haggle and check that the location meets your needs and if you are planning to the let the property, then the needs of a holiday maker.

When it comes to getting the best deal on second property mortgages a specialist broker will have the knowledge of where to look and to be able to quickly find you some of the lowest rates of interest along with giving you essential advice on second property mortgages.

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Selling your Philippine Website ?

PLC Global is looking to expand its Web coverage after recently launching its WEBSEO services for accredited Realtors, Estate Agents, Brokers and Agents joining the PLC Web Ring by purchasing Philippine websites. PLC

So you have a website, but can people find it?

There are various ways of getting people to your website. One way is using print: business cards, letterhead, newspaper ads, and even billboards. While printing your business website on everything and anything is a good start, there are some additional, more important ways to increase your website's prominence on the Internet. Because more people are using the Internet everyday a business must have a good Internet presence to survive. Sure, people still use the Yellow Pages, but more often than not they also (or only) check the web for the information they are seeking.

Search engines are the primary way to find information on the Internet. Approximately half a billion, yes billion, searches are done per day between the two search giants - Google and Overture. The way search engines operate is by searching the content of web pages for relevant phrases. Webpages are found by robots that crawl the web constantly looking for new and updated content. The search engines then use various algorithms to compile this information and deliver it as results for a keyword or keyword phrase which was typed into the browser. Although Google is the leading search engine using this method, there are "second level" engines doing the same thing. But for all intents and purposes, Google is the main focus as recent reports suggest that Google currently powers around 73% of all search engine results.

Along with free indexing search engines like Google, there are paid-inclusion and paid-placement sites offering a different way to get your website listed. These help to power the rest of the 500 million searches done everyday. Overture and its affiliates deliver the majority of paid placement results today. Paid-placement methods allow an advertiser to bid on keyword phrases to determine placement of their ad in "sponsored results" on sites that include Overture's content. Advertisers are billed by the click, meaning every time a searcher clicks that link which came up as a result of a search, they pay the corresponding bid amount. This is where the term pay-per-click (PPC) was derived.

Paid inclusion is a bit different. Certain databases providing content to certain search engines require website owners to pay to have their website listed. The pages are found if they are relevant to a search. This requires a renewable annual fee. Any knowledgeable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company will be able to get your website included in these important databases.

All three of these methods are important because they make up the majority of search results. However, SEO should be regarded as the most fundamental part of a website's Internet presence. You may say that you are getting traffic to your website, but is everyone able to find it when searching for your products or services? Every website has a target audience and it is very important to optimize your website's content for target phrases and search terms relevant to your products or services. This is the essential aspect of ranking. Google is constantly changing their algorithms to deliver more quality content and SEO companies are constantly working to keep up with these changes modifying pages and content to gain quality rankings. This is the main reason one should obtain the services of a SEO company. Most business owners are busy running their companies and have very little time to learn about website ranking. JAZ Design Co., LLC, a professional SEO Company, is familiar with the ever changing industry and able to help with your website SEO and managing PPC campaigns.

Ok, I made my plug, but here is some free advice: The first things to consider about your website are your target keywords and keyword phrases. Some questions to ask yourself: What is my product? How would I search for it? How would my friends search for it? (Ask them!) What will they expect when they find my website? And finally, how will they find your website if they don't know the correct address? Maybe they have your business card and with your website address printed on it or maybe they took a wild guess and found it, but most of the time they've done a keyword search. The question is did they find you or your competitor? This is where an SEO company can make some valuable recommendations and get your website equipped to rank higher on the search engines.

This concept applies to regional companies too. As everyone continues to use the Internet more, they are turning to their computer when looking for local services. This aspect of the Internet is just starting to evolve and does still have a long way to go. Eventually, a business without a website will suffer even if it is only a local "mom and pop" store.

Your website will be found by its content and the robot's ability to crawl the web, find your pages, and index them in their database. Many website designers neglect to utilize important 'tricks' causing pages never to be found. You may have good content, but if robots cannot index your website it will not be nearly as valuable. It is said that 20% of the pages currently published on the Internet are not indexed with search engines. This means most people never see them. For example, websites built with frames and ones built with a lot of fancy graphics or flashy multimedia will not be sufficiently indexed. It is the job and responsibility of website designers and business owners to make sure their websites are found. Of course there are some websites that we would not want anyone to find by doing a search such as personal sites and confidential business information. If this is the case, the responsibility also lies with the website developer to make sure these pages are not indexed. Various methods are used to keep parts of your website from being indexed such as special tags used in the code and/or password-protected directories.

To keep the Internet full of easy-to-find quality content, the publishers must take the responsibility for making it that way. Through experience and constant research, JAZ Design Company ( www.jazvt.com ) can help your business develop an easy-to-find and successful online presence.

Start Managing Your Website Easily With A Content Management System

One main advantage of using CMS is one will be able to manage the contents of ones websites without having to deal with complicated technical tasks. Imagine that you are a very talented writer but you can't show your writings online just because you don't have any idea how to write webpages thatconsist of HTML tags.

With CMS, a writer only needs to type her works in an editor as if she does it with a word processor. Then the CMS itself that will show her works online. It is a great time saver for a webmaster to create and maintain her website. The installation process is also very easy since many web hosting services have offered special features such as Fantastico where a user can install a CMS with just a few clicks of mouse. The process is done automatically.

Basically, a web content management system consists of two main parts, a front-end and a back-end. The back-end is a section where you can do many administrative tasks such as inserting and editing articles, giving privileges to some people, managing the look and feel of your website, and so on. The front-end refers to what visitors see. It is the face of your website.

In choosing a CMS, you should know what is the main purpose of using it. There are CMSs which are intended to build portals. Other systems are mainly used to build photo gallery, forum, personal or even corporate websites. Then you need to know what kind of features they have. For example, Drupal, an open source CMS, provides a feature where you can gather fresh contents from other sites by adding the sites' feeds. You can even filter any items so that you only show the items that contain a specific keyword.

Usually, a CMS also offers additional modules that will enable you to use additional features without having to put your efforts in programming. Just download the module you need and install it in your hosting server.

Don't forget also to know your own desires and abillities in modifying a CMS. For instance, Mambo should be sufficient for you who don't want to deal with some PHP coding. Mambo has already provided many modules to accomplish specific tasks. It also offers ready-to-use templates you can choose. On the other hand Typo3 is the right choice for people who need a very robust and flexible system.

It is necessary to know that there are so many commercial and free content management system available. Vignette and FatWire are the example of two commercial systems while PostNuke, Drupal and Mambo.are free to use.

And, of course there are other things you should consider for finding the right CMS. So please do a good and thorough analysis before deciding which system to use. Choosing the right Content Management System from the beginning is very important. Make sure it would best fit your needs.

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Set Your Insurance Website Different From Others

Web-based Insurance businesses are in for a tight competition online. There are many other insurance websites that offer the same type of services, specializes on the same niche of insurance marketing and both of these factors alone can already set you apart from them. What you should do for your website is to stand out among other insurance websites; but at the same time, offer content and still, quality service.

If a customer is deciding between two insurance websites but still caught in the middle because of the almost identical features and mechanics, there's a 50-50 chance that that customer will choose you or the other website for insurance. When the other website is chosen over you, you wouldn't have a clue how often it happens or will happen, so watch out and the sooner you update your website, the better.

At this point, you need to assert that your insurance services, or your website to say the least is different and much better than the others. There are some areas in your website which you can develop right away or one step at a time. It doesn't matter how immediate you can start, as long as you make sure that you're better than the rest. When the customer knows that they can find justification from a service they want, the quality of your website will spread like wild fire in the internet.

As a content-based insurance website, you always need to make sure that you have good website content. Also, don't stick to what you already have, explore and increase the quality of your expertise. You also have to make sure that you continue to learn and develop the insurance niche you're working on because that is the part which customers will likely go after.

If you still want your site to get better in another way, try putting a section on your website where both customers and visitors can leave their comments.

Rethinking Website Content: Content That Entertains

In case you've missed it, the Web has changed; it seems like just yesterday it was good enough to take all your brochures and advertising collaterals and convert them to digital format, add a little search engine optimization, throw-in a little PHP programming and bingo, you've got a website. And if you wanted to show how cutting edge your company was, maybe you'd add a little dash of Flash animation, or some royalty free music. Well here's a bulletin from the frontlines, that isn't going to cut-it in the new multimedia Web-business environment.

Almost daily I receive emails from people asking me to review their websites and tell them why they can't convert visitors to customers even when they are attracting significant numbers of visitors on a regular basis to their sites.

The answer is both simple and complex: simple, because these websites fail to communicate the company's message in a meaningful manner to their visitors, which means no dialog is opened, and without a dialog, no business can be done; and complex, because the implementation of the solution requires a new way of thinking about communicating with your audience using sophisticated presentation techniques that put a higher premium on creativity than they do on facts, figures and old-school direct marketing tactics.

If you are looking for a mantra to begin any new website initiative or to correct an existing website disaster: Think Audience Not Customers.

New Words For A New Web-Business Environment

In the past while I've run across three newly coined words or phrases (Communitainment, Branded Entertainment, and Snack-o-tainment) that attempt to capture the fundamental change that has taken place among Web-user expectations.

All of the new terms have two things in common: one, they require the marketer to think of website visitors as an audience and not as customers; and two, they all require the marketer to use entertainment techniques as the basis for delivering content.

Communication + Entertainment + Community

The Piper Jaffray Internet Media and Marketing research team recently released a report entitled 'The User Revolution' in which Safa Rashtchy coined the concept of 'Communitainment,' a blending of the words communication and entertainment. Rashtchy uses the term to denote the "melding of communication, community, and entertainment," as a new formula for implementing the delivery of marketing content.

The report points out that "Video ads will be the driver of the next major growth in brand advertising

Recommended Content For Your Website

Company Info

This information can either be included on the company

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The Field Of Dreams

In the film

The Nitty Gritty of choosing a website hosting company

If you have a website or would like a website you're going to need a website hosting company. The good news is there are tons out there to choose from. The bad news is you're going to have to learn a little bit about web hosting to be able to choose the right one for you. That is what we are going to discuss in this article, to help you choose the right web host for your company/personal website.

What is a web host company?

A web host provides the service that allows you to store the information that makes up your website. A web host stores your website's information on a web server. Each time you type a web address into your browser , the browser asks for your website's information from the web hosts server and then the browser displays it on your screen. Basically, if you don't have a web host or your own server, you don't have a website. Some ISP's (Internet Service provider) provides web space but, this is not the type of web hosing we will be discussing.

Types of hosting plans

The next thing you are going to need to know is that there are different types of hosting that is available to you. There is virtual / shared hosting. What that means is that the web host company hosts more than one account on that server. There is also dedicated which basically means you would get your own server. Another type (which is not as common as the first two) is VPS (Virtual Private Server) and what it is, is " virtual " servers on the actual server and the user can add different modules within their server. The user can also allocate how much CPU usage or memory easy module gets. Most users will generally only need shared hosting unless you have a large website with over 5,000 visitors per day and large scripts. If that is the case you will need dedicated hosting.

Types of Operating Systems

There are three different types of operating systems for servers. There is Linux, Unix and of course Windows. Just because your computer is a PC doesn't mean you have to opt for Windows web hosting. The operating system you use on your desktop has little to do with your choice of web hosts. As long as you understand how to use your FTP or web publishing software, your can use either operating system.

When it comes to Web hosting, Linux has for some time, been widely considered the best Operating System for Web servers. It's typically found to be the most reliable, stable and efficient system. If your website, like most web sites, is what might be termed "brochure-ware" then Linux servers are ideal. A web site housed on a Linux operating system will have very high up-time and very low downtime.

If you intend to create your website using ASP, FrontPage, the .NET environment, Windows Streaming Media, Access, MSSQL, or any of the other Microsoft proprietary technologies then you probably need to use a Windows host. All other languages are able to be hosted on either platforms. Basically, unless you are specifically using features that are unique to one platform or another your time will be much better spent looking for a really good quality host than a really good quality server.


If you have your own site, you would probably want to have email addresses at your own domain, like you@yourdomain.com. Does the host provide this with the package? Does it allow you to have a catch-all email account that allows any_e-mail@yourdomain.com to wind up being routed to you? Will you have the option to send auto responders for your e-mail accounts? Can you retrieve your mail with your email software? Can it be automatically forwarded to your current email address? Can you check your e-mail on the web? These are questions that you should ask when searching for the right web host.

Down time

This is extremely important. A website that is frequently down will lose a lot of visitors. If someone finds your site on the search engine, and clicks on it to find it us unavailable, they will simply shop somewhere else. Slow access is also very frustrating for visitors. How do you know if a web host is reliable or fast? The best way to find information about a web hosting company is to search the net. Once you have decided on a web host to check out, typetheir name in Google. As you look through the results, you will see that some of the pages that come up are actually reviews of that company. Now look at the review websites to see what everyone else is saying about potential web hosting companies. Remember to take reviews with a grain of salt. As reviews can usually be posted by anyone anonymously and you can't please everyone all the time!

Traffic or Data transfer

Data transfer is the amount of bytes transferred from your website to visitors when they browse your website. Always look for details on how much traffic the package allows. To give you a rough idea of the typical traffic requirements of a website, most new websites are likely use less than 3GB of bandwidth per month. Your traffic requirements will grow over time, as your website becomes larger and more popular. You will need to check to see if you will automatically be charged for going over your bandwidth limit or are you expected to pre-pay for it. Personally, with my web host I have 30 GBs of data transfer and I host 7 domains and one sub-domains. I currently only use 750 MBs /month. My websites have a total of 30, 000 visits per month and have about 2 million hits/month.


Unfortunately price is always a factor. You should realize that you often get what you pay for, although it's not necessarily true that the most expensive hosts are the best. Your best bet would be to go with a web host that is neither cheap nor expensive but, in between.

Technical support

Does the web host company's technical support function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year around? Make sure you get a response for the web host company quickly not just the next day. Another thing to check is that the phone number they provide actually is answered by a real person. This I know from personal experience. Make sure it is not an automated system that eventually ends with an answer machine that asks you to leave your name and number. Besides speed of responses, check to see if they are technically competent. You wouldn't want to sign up for a host that is run by kids. Would you?

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Simple & sure ways to make money with your website

I think most legitimate work from home/online money making method is designing your own website and then turn it to a host of money making activities. Web site is ultimate money making machine, it earns even when you are sleeping. Today, the Web is an intensely commercial medium, offering plenty of ways to make money. So your best strategy is to earn as much money as possible.

I have enlisted simple & sure ways to earn cash with your website.

ADVERTISING ON YOUR WEBSITE : The best and most proven method of making a profit out of your website is using advertising. Internet advertising is on an ascending trend, which shows plenty of potential for the near and distant future.

1. Contextual ads : The popular search engine - Google has introduced a dramatic new contextual advertising service called AdSense which allows virtually any website owner to make money without having to do too much. AdSense is a program in which you get paid for targeting your readers to another websites product or service. Google AdSense simply requires the host site to paste in a few lines of HTML code on their pages where they want those ads to appear. This code creates the ads that you see and when someone clicks on one of these ads they go to the advertiser's site. The advertiser is then charged for the click by Google and Google shares the money with you.

Sign up for Google Adsense and place Google ads on your site. Google will display the most appropriate ads according to your content and you will get paid for every click on an ad. People are making thousands a month with this.

2. In-Text Ads : When you mouse over one of these doubly underlined sponsored links you will be presented with a Tool Tip describing an advertiser's product or service. If someone click on the key-word and it will act like an ordinary link taking visitor to a page belonging to the advertising company. For every click on a highlighted key-word, you will receive a small payment.

In-Text Advertising solution lets you monetize your content in real-time, enabling an incremental increase in ad revenue by providing a new source of untapped ad inventory that does not compete with the other ad programs running on the site. Thereby providing you with a new revenue stream from the content within your site. Intellitxt and ContextWeb provides in-text ads to websites.

3. DISPLAY AFFILIATE PROGRAM'S LINKS & BANNERS : Another method of monetizing your traffic by putting links/banners of affiliate programs on your website. Concept is really quite simple. Every thing is based on paid referral system. Visitors come to your website, you introduced them to product or service from a third party vendor through a banner or text link and you get paid a commission by merchant in various way: a. Paid per click, b. Paid per lead . Paid per sale. You can choose affiliate networks where different advertisers offer their banners codes and links that will display their banners on your site along with tracking of your sales and leads. Best affiliate networks to get affiliate programs are :

a. Commission Junction
b. Clixgalore
c. Linkshare

4. SELL AFFILIATE PRODUCTS : Another profitable way to earn money is to sell affiliate products. You simply direct traffic to their Web site and earn commissions when people buy products.

a. A good way to start with affiliate products is to sign up with ClickBank. There are well over 10,000 different Digital info products. Write up some reviews and recommendations and send traffic to the ClickBank merchant, and if the product sells, you get commissions sometimes as high as 75%. This type of Web site is very simple to setup, however, it requires a large amount of visitor traffic to earn significant money. It's easy to complement an existing Web site with affiliate links for offering related products to your visitors and, at the same time, earning money.

b. Make money selling other company's products through affiliate programs. They'll give you a link to track your sales. Amazon.com is great place to get HTML codes for various products to promote and earn commission. Thousands of people are making a full time income just by driving traffic from their site to merchant sites, never touching or shipping a product.

5. Charge a fee to access a section of your site - Provide free access to main sections of your website, but you can charge a fee for an access to members lounge where more lucrative information is often available. If your content is unique and valuable, you can make money charging for it online. People will pay for access, if it's useful to them. Your members lounge could be a forum, downloadable software, eBooks, listings, etc.

6. Collect and sell information - Creating a information database isn't just a good idea - it

The History Of Social Media Websites

Man has always been a social animal and hence, has always lived in complex social structures. The Internet added a new dimension to this aspect through the concept of social media websites.

How It All Started

As the Internet began to permeate into every home, teenagers found a new way of expression via the Internet. One way teens found of sharing common interests with other like-minded teenagers was through MySpace. This mode of expression had no immediate checks or rules clamped on by adults-- parents actually felt safer having their teenagers play on their computers at home instead of partying outside.

Teenagers as well as adults found MySpace to be exceptionally fast and viable way of communicating with one another. They could use Myspace --and now Facebook or Second Life-- to interact with one another, to share files with one another, and to coach one another into the fulfillment of their dreams.

The popularity of social networking websites grew with the need for the teenagers to have a space of their own, away from the prying eyes of their parents and other

Staying Safe with Social Networking Websites

When it comes to internet safety, a large amount of focus has been placed on teenagers and the use of social networking websites. Although it is important for teenagers to be careful when using these popular websites, they are not the only ones who should be concerned with their safety. If you are an adult, who enjoys networking online, you should also be cautious when it comes to meeting and communicating with other internet users.

Although social networking websites are a great place to meet other internet users, especially ones with interests that are similar to yours, they can also be dangerous. In recent years, there have been numerous reports of instances when individuals were harmed when they went to meet an individual that they met on an online social network, which includes dating websites. If you are not careful and cautious, the same thing could happen to you. This does not mean that you should be filled with fear; however, it does mean that you need to be cautious online.

One of the many ways that you can protect yourself, when it comes to using online social networking websites, is by watching what you post online, particularly in your profile. You may not know this, but a large number of networking sites, including MySpace, FriendFinder, and Yahoo! 360 allow all internet users to see your profile or profile page. These internet users do not necessarily have to be a member of your online community. This means that although your networking community may be safe, there are still unsavory individuals out there who could easily obtain your personal information.

In addition to the information that you make available to other internet users, including member profiles, you are advised to be cautious when making contact with other internet users, especially those that contact you. A large number of social networking websites have open memberships. Essentially, this means that anyone can easily join and become a member. Just because someone says they are who they are doesn

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The Importance Of Having Your Own Website

When your new to the world of running an online home business there seems to be a million and one strategies to learn and implement. It

The Downside to Selling Private Label Products on Online Auction Websites

Each day, at least one individual makes the decision to purchase the resell rights to a particular product. If you are looking for a legitimate business opportunity, there is a good chance that you may be that individual. To successfully profit from private label products, which you have legally obtained the resell rights to, there are a number of important factors that you should first consider. These factors are essential to making money, instead of losing it.

Private label resell rights are available on a number of different products, including e-books and software. In most cases, the e-book author or the software developer is unable to spend time marketing and selling their own product. Instead of targeting potential customers, they shift their focus to others who are looking to make money. This is done by selling the resell rights to their product. If you have the time and the knowledge needed to market the product in question, you may be able to make money with this opportunity.

After you have purchased the resell rights to a particular product, it will then be your responsibility to sell that product. This is where you may be able to make money. Since you have officially paid for the rights to resell the product in question, you are now able to profit from each sale. It is likely that you would want to make as much money as you possibly could. To do this, you will need to sell your newly acquired product.

When it comes to selling any product, whether you created that product or just obtained the resell rights to it, you will need to find an effective sales method. There are many individuals who have found success by using online classified ads, creating their own websites, or by using online auction websites. While all of these selling approaches may produce results, they may not work for you.

If given the opportunity, most individuals would choose to sell their products via an online auction website. This is because unlike many other selling methods, online auctions are cheap to use and they often produce fast results; however, those results may not be what you were looking for. If you are planning on purchasing the resell rights to a private label product for the sole purpose of selling that product through an online auction website, you are advised to reconsider your decision. This is because online auction websites are not what they used to be.

Instead of making money with online auction websites, many are losing it. As previously mentioned, online auction websites have changed. In the past, only a limited number of products were available for sale. The limited number of products helped items not only sell, but sell for a high price. Now, there is so much competition on these sites that it is hard to make a profit. In fact, with the time it takes to post an online auction and the fees associated with doing so, you may end up losing money.

To be successful with the reselling of private label products, you are advised to rely on more than one selling method. Online auctions may work, but they are not guaranteed results. That is why it is advised that you do not solely rely on them to generate income.

The Website that Had 5 Hits A Day

I guess this is my chance to start something similar to a blog to keep some kind of a personal record of my professional journey. During my school days in the National University of Singapore, I never thought I would be making a living creating websites for others.

I started picking up HTML about 5 years ago. Surprisingly, despite coming from a non-programming background, I picked up the language almost effortlessly. I started putting up small websites on those free hosting sites. There were a lot of those companies back then.

Before long, I was working on several projects for a few companies. It didn't take long for me to stumble upon Macromedia Flash. Once again, I was curious about how it worked and kept working on it. Those first few Flash files were real cheesy but in after just one year of hands-on experience with HTML and Flash, I managed to win a local web design competition. I got first out of slightly over thirty entries and won lots of software and several pieces of hardware.

My friends kept telling me to start something on my own. Well, I did but it didn't quite work out as I lacked the marketing and business skills to run a proper Company. Before long, flocks of freelancers entered the market and the prices hit rock bottom.

Anyway, I was running a personal website. It was doing well until I got a full-time job and due to neglect, it disappeared with the many websites at about the same time when the dotcom bubble burst.

And when I said doing well, I meant getting just 5 visitors a day. Hence, the title of this article. I put up some simple articles on my website and also offered a free email service but without the marketing know-how, the traffic was trickling.

It wasn't until 5 years later that I started getting between 20-50 unique visitors per day on each of my website. I'm now running close to 10 websites on my own and several others for my customers.

I'd be the first to admit that I'm far from being successful but the results are encouraging. At least the websites are now paying for themselves and on some weeks, there is even some profit ;)

At this point, I bet you want to know how I did that? Well, there really isn't any secret and if you look a bit harder, I'm sure you can find the information you need on one of those Internet Marketing websites.

But I'll save you the trouble and give it to you here. There are two things you need to know to run a website that will eventually pay you back.

The first is that your website MUST be search engine optimized. That means tweaking your website to make sure the website is friendly for the search engines. If you have a bit of time for experiment, here are some tips.

Make sure that your keywords appear in your page title, and in your URL if possible. Get as many inbound links as possible but with anchor texts in your links. That means enclosing your keywords within your inbound links.

Beware of websites that sell you a half-baked story about how they can guarantee you top rankings. I tried and tested all those information I found on the Internet and it took me MONTHS to see any kind of results.

If you are in a hurry to get started, take a look at Instant Website. Instant Website is an in-house product developed by myself and I use it to host my corporate website. It took me months to build and I'm now hosting my customers' site on it.

The second thing you need to know is that you MUST know how to build lists. This is critical to the success of your website. Search engine traffic brings in the visitors and you must have the tools to retain them!

I'm talking about having some tools to reach out to those same visitors. One example is an email box. Instant Website has a simple one incorporated in it but if you need something more powerful, here are a couple of good ones. http://www.aweber.com and http://www.constantcontact.com

That's it. Make sure your website is search engine optimized and keep building that list and you'll never have to worry about your website averaging just 5 visitors a day. What you want to do with all that traffic is completely up to you.

On sites like this one, I place Google ads on them. Maybe I'll write more about that in another article but if you click on it, I earn some money. But only do so if you're really interested in what you see in the ad.

So there you go, the story about the website that had 5 visitors a day but I'm sure after reading this article, you're on your way to running successful websites! So start one today!

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The Growth of Hookup Websites: Will They Overtake 'Normal' Online Dating Services?

Do online dating sites have a bad wrap for being hookup sites? Have online dating websites shed their stigma as a place for only the lonely, just to have traded it in for a hookup image? While it seems like there certainly are websites and services available for people to meet dates for hookups alone, there are also plenty of other types of relationships that can, and have been formed, through online dating services, from friendships, to email correspondence, hookups, casual dates, and even marriage.

The internet is renowned for being a place that has something for everyone. The online dating industry is no exception. Though there are endless options for people seeking other people for various reasons and different types of relationships, it seems to some that there is an overwhelming number of websites offering dates for hookups. This perception, while accurate in some senses, could also be due, in part, to the different marketing strategies approached by each, and the basic characteristics of companies and people who pursue these types of relationships.

To begin with, the marketing strategies for such websites are often quite aggressive. Though this may be a broad generalization, many websites that are designed to connect people for quick and easy sexual relationships are not as concerned with projecting a specific image, particularly in comparison with dating websites who try to distance themselves from this. Certainly, many online dating services give their members the option to seek any type of relationship they want, whether that be a casual date, hookup, or long term commitment. However, the majority of these sites don't promote themselves exclusively as hookup sites, and don't pursue marketing strategies that are as aggressive and anonymous. Most large online dating sites promote themselves as place for people to find love, and follow strict branding strategies. Hookup sites are often smaller companies, and are therefore less anonymous. This could help create the sense that there are many of these hookup services available, when really, this is because it is difficult to identify and differentiate the few that are out there.

The companies and people who are involved in these websites may also contribute to the sense that there are several hookup websites around these days. This may be partly because the companies are not large, recognizable brands. The influx of hookup sites may also be attributed to the fact that the people who participate in these websites are usually not long term members (this is also a broad generalization). In this sense, many members may come and go from the site, often just temporarily, to find a fast and casual hookup, and leave once they are satisfied. This may help create the impression that there are large numbers of people signing up, and increasing the number of members for these hookup sites. Nonetheless, there are several hookup sites available, whether they are sites dedicated to hooking up, or are 'normal' dating websites who offer their members the option to seek all sorts of different types of relationships.

Sell Your Art Online With Your Own Unique Website

If you are serious about selling your art online, then you should be serious about developing your own website. I am not referring to those free website builders your Internet Service Provider gives you or any other free website providers. I am talking about a professional website with your own unique domain name: www.yourname.com.

There are good reasons why you should never use a free design service. The company that provides the free service owns your website space and they can do whatever they wish with your site, namely advertise on it.

There is nothing more unprofessional than unrelated banner advertising and popup windows that are usually associated with free websites. Not only are they annoying, but they also distract visitors from your art.

There is also the risk that your website provider may go out of business. That free site you spent all that time promoting is gone and your efforts were in vain.

With your own unique domain name, the worst-case scenario is you have to change hosting accounts. Your domain name remains unchanged and your customers can still reach your site.

Having your own website with a unique domain name tells your potential customers that you are a professional and serious about your business. It also looks wonderful on business cards!

Can you imagine handing out business cards at art shows or to other interested people with this printed on your cards: http://www.some freewebsite.com/artists/yourgallery/index.html. This is unprofessional and it's difficult for your customers to remember.

Having your own unique website offers convenience for you and potential customers. For instance, lets say you are traveling to another state, or another part of the world for that matter. You meet someone who is interested in seeing your work, but you don't have your portfolio with you. You may have just lost a potential customer. If you have a nice business card, with your website address printed on it, the potential customer can simply visit your website at his or her convenience to view your work, and it doesn't matter if they live around the corner or on the other side of the world! Your website is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Now that you see the benefits of having your own website, you will need to take the first step, and that is to register your domain name (http:www.yourname.com).

Registering your own domain name is easy and extremely affordable today. My recommendation is to register through a site called Godaddy.com. They are amongst the lowest priced domain registration services online at around $9 for the entire year (this was the price at the time of writing this article). Once you register your domain name, its time to begin your website design. You can either hire a web designer or do it yourself. Whichever method you choose here are some general guidelines:

My advice is to keep your site clean and simple. Do not load your site with lots of fancy graphics or long multimedia presentations. These only annoy and distract visitors away from your art and increase the amount of time it takes for pages to download.

Make your site navigation is easy to follow and consistent throughout your entire site.

Make it easy for your visitors to contact you. Put a "contact" or "contact us" link on every page in clear view.

Avoid animated graphics, moving text, or other animated features on your website.

Make all of the links on your site standard colors and underlined. Blue is for unvisited links, purple for visited.

Resources for do it yourself web design - There are many places online where you can learn HTML and web design completely free. One of my favorite sites is W3 Schools - http://www.w3schools.com/. W3 Schools is a wonderful site packed with lots of great information on HTML and web design. The tutorials are informative and very easy to follow.
If you are not the type who enjoys learning online, there are also a handful of great books you can purchase. "Learning Web Design" by Jennifer Niederst is a book that gives you a good all around introduction to web design. There are other great books. Just head over to a site like Amazon and a do a search for "beginner web design". Find books that have good feedback ratings from customers. Read through the feedback to make sure the book is the right fit for your experience level.

I hope this article has got you excited about getting your own website. If you have any questions about anything covered in this article, do not hesitate to contact me. Please send your question to: ralph@sellingartnews.com.

Be sure and head over to http://www.sellingartnews.com, for more great articles and tips on selling your art.

Shop Online With A Specialist Website If You Want The Some Of The Cheapest Car Finance Deals

Thee are many ways of getting a loan for your new or used car, you could take out the finance offered in the showroom or go to any high street lender. There is however a much easier way to make sure that you have got a good overview of the car finance marketplace as to who is offering the cheapest car finance deals. Simply go online with a specialist car loans website and allow them to look around on your behalf and gather quotes along with the key facts of the loan so you can make an accurate comparison.

While it can be tempting to take the finance deal offered in the car showroom it is almost certainly the dearest way of getting finance for your car. The rates of interest will usually be higher and there can be many terms and conditions hidden in the small print which might not be obvious to you to until you have signed for the loan.

By choosing to take out car finance independently with a specialist car finance website you will not only be sure of getting access to some of the cheapest car finance deals but also the key facts which hold the terms and conditions of the loan you are considering. The key facts will tell you about any hidden costs such as an early repayment fee, the rate of interest you will be paying annually, how much interest will be added and the total amount of the loan. The terms and conditions can vary between finance companies so it is essential that you do compare the small print alongside the quotes.

While a specialist website will always be able to get you the cheapest car finance deals, the type of loan you need depends on your personal circumstances. The best deals and cheapest rates of interest are reserved for those who have an excellent credit rating, your credit rating is the number one factor when it comes to applying for a loan and if you want the best deals then a perfect score is a must. However those who have less than a perfect credit rating can get a loan and although they will not be able to benefit from the cheapest interest rates, if they go with a specialist website, they will get the best for their circumstances.

A bad credit loan is not one of the cheapest car finance deals but if your credit rating prevents you from getting approved for a personal loan it might be your best option. The majority of bad credit loans will be a secured loan and this means that in order to get a loan you will have to put something up as security against the money you want to borrow. Your home is usually put up as security and this means that the roof over your head is at risk throughout the time you are repaying the loan.

A secured loan can usually be taken out for a longer period of time than an unsecured and this can help to keep the monthly repayments down but of course more interest will be added. A secured loan might be the best option if you are buying a top of the range brand new car but remember that all cars will depreciate over time so bear this in mind when considering the length of the loan. Whichever type of loan you are going for the easiest and quickest way to get several quotes and the cheapest car finance deals is with an online specialist website.