Minggu, 16 Desember 2007

Stylish Pet Carriers introduces brand new pet products website interface

Pet product websites have made it uneasy on incoming visitors to target and find information about individual pet preference; it is getting increasingly harder to not only locate a specific item, but also purchase it, you have to go through countless pages to do so.
The endless amount of words stuffed on these pages to satisfy the search engine is ludicrous and produces unfriendly results, it also proves non-navigational towards users; what is the end result? It results in visitors leaving the page, hopelessly searching for animal shampoos, pet dental care, durable toy supplies, and natural pet foods.
By studying the competitors, StylishPetCarriers.com was able to gain a foreseeable advantage. Thus SPC invented from scratch with a design capable of leading pet lovers easily through the navigational bar to find each item. As you select each pet product, it will take you to a descriptive page about the product featuring the benefits. The images on the front page also come with descriptions, and are clickable as well.
The thought of SPC

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